Lefty heads pop at Sydney Morning Herald

What's that popping sound?

What's that popping sound?

But, but, but… we wanted an ETS, they stutter. Their little lefty heads are popping at the sight of Tony Abbott as the Liberal leader – makes my day! It’s only taken a few hours for the knives to come out for Abbott of course, in a sign of what we can expect over the following weeks and months:

A leading climate-change sceptic [1] seized [2] control of Australia’s opposition on Tuesday, vowing to kill carbon trading legislation [3] ahead of key UN talks.

Right-wing [4] maverick [5] Tony Abbott ousted [6] Liberal Party leader Malcolm Turnbull by just one vote, 42-41, in a result that should doom marathon attempts to pass emissions laws.

[1]: Guilty as charged

[2]: “Elected” is the usual word

[3]: Guilty as charged

[4]: When is anyone ever accused of being “left-wing” in the Moonbat Herald?

[5]: That’s right, portray the guy as a loony from the start

[6]: Again, “elected” is what I thought happened

Here’s looking forward to some more Moonbat Herald madness!

Read it here.


  1. rukidding says:

    Whats the difference between Tony Abbott and a pitbull.BIKE SHORTS

  2. Let ’em rant. The Fairfax Press is only read by the 64% of Labor voters that think Malcolm Turnbull is doing a great job. Big deal.

  3. Happy little vegimite says:

    As happy as can be!!!!

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