Idiotic Comment of the Day: Clover Moore

If in doubt, say nowt

Sydney’s batty “Lord” mayor spoils the New Year celebrations by hijacking them to preach about climate change. It’s just so last year:

“I think it’s an incredibly important message. As I said last night, Aboriginal people believe that each year you awaken the spirit of the land, the sea, the sky and the people,” Ms Moore told reporters.

“I believe that at this time there is no more important message because we are facing catastrophic climate change and we indeed need to awaken our spirit to take action to address global warming.”

The celebrations were carbon neutral, Ms Moore said. (source)

Big freaking deal. Thanks for ruining people’s enjoyment of the New Year. Now go away.


  1. Steve Case says:

    The left wing has to do three things:

    1. Make the case the a warmer world would be a disaster.

    2. Make the case that it is going to happen.

    3. Make the case that we can do something about it.

    Fail on any one of those three points, and the world should go about its business and forget about this nonsense.

  2. It is the normal brain drain of the Socialists who are totally incapable of believing that the truth is definitely not on their side.


    That link was also noted here: Why would a firm like that (Location-Washington DC) be interested with Australian politics? I also notice that there doesn’t seem to be an author mentioned in that piece.

  4. rb wright says:

    The mayor might note that the Sydney tide station shows a long term upward trend of .59 mm per year, and a lower sea level today than in 1998. There is no sign of any accelerating sea level rise, as predicted by AGW theory. On the contrary, the slight dip in sea level since 1998 would seem to indicate a possible modest cooling is underway.

    What is her prediction for the sea level change over the coming year?


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