Quote of the Day: Catherine Deveny

Over the edge

Quite disturbing:

Like all people apart from politicians my hopes for 2010 are world peace and freedom from hunger, poverty, discrimination and oppression. Oh and the reintroduction of stoning for Channel Nine executives, religious fundamentalists, people who ask you to bring your own meat to their barbeques, parents with ‘gifted children’ and ‘climate change skeptics’.

(Climate Change Skeptics (also known as morons) are people who don’t believe in science purely because they a) can’t bear to admit they couldn’t see it coming or may have contributed to it b) don’t care because they assume by the time the real catastrophe happens they’ll be old, dead or rich enough to buy their way out and or c) refuse to accept the evidence because if they do they will have to admit that it God doesn’t exist. Because if God existed wouldn’t we be special enough for him to spare us?)

We’re really through the looking glass now. And the good old ABC gleefully publishes this kind of stuff.

Read the rest here – it’s even more bizarre.


  1. Rationalist says:

    Sounds like a typical journalistic echo chamber, drowns out the concerns of Australian families on food and energy cost pressures in addition to an increasing taxation burden.

  2. Now that inane and stupid statement really needs analysis by a “shrink”

  3. rb wright says:

    The young lady has got everything backwards! It is the climate realists who believe in science. They believe in science where data, analysis and computer code are released to other scientists for replication and validation.

    The persons who believe that man-made global warming is real are struggling to prevent the release of raw temperature data, in Great Britain, in New Zealand, in the United States, and elsewhere. It is they who are opposed to the basic principles and values of the scientific tradition.

    If this young lady believes the forecasts of accelerating sea level rises, she should rush down to the beach to check it out. And check out the historical data from the tide stations at major harbors in Australia. The truth is that the long term sea level rise has been modest; the more recent measurements actually indicate a marginal decrease in sea level over time. In either case there is no sign at all of the accelerated sea level rise that is a central belief of the global warming crowd.

  4. Oh no…Julian Burnside, an individual i greatly admire, appears to have been sucked into the warmist vortex as well…damn…


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