Idiotic Comment of the Day: Barack Obama


Just like Rudd and Wong, Obama is utterly clueless on climate:

US President Barack Obama has rebuked climate change sceptics who argue that piles of snow dumped on the United States during a frigid winter cast doubt on global warming science.

‘We just got five feet (1.5 metres) of snow in Washington,’ said Obama, when asked about alternative energy projects during a town hall meeting in Nevada.

‘Opponents of climate change, they say — ‘see look at that, there is all this snow on the ground — this doesn’t mean anything’.’

‘I want to just be clear that the science of climate change doesn’t mean every place is getting warmer — it means the planet as a whole is getting warmer.’

Obama cited the lack of snow in Vancouver during the current winter Olympics and unusual snowstorms in places like Dallas in the southern United States as examples of violent weather patterns brought on by climate change.

By the garbled language of those quotes, he didn’t have his teleprompter to rely on.

Read it here.


  1. “Obama is utterly clueless on climate..”

    Don’t forget: economics, health care, foreign relations, business, national debt, job creation – he’s completely and utterly clueless on these subjects as well.

  2. Rick Bradford says:

    A blizzard covering the north-east of the U.S. doesn’t mean anything, but a shortage of snow in Vancouver proves the theory of man-made global warming.

    *Now* I understand the theory properly.

  3. He’s saying whatever he has to to prop up his legacy of FAIL. He’s going to lose a Senate Seat in Pennsylvania, so he just dumped $22.8 million into “green jobs.” $7.8 million went to a wind-turbine blade manufacturer that had already laid off half its workforce because, as was brilliantly pointed out in the American Thinker, wind power can’t survive without subsidies.

  4. He knows nothing. He’s been listening to Chu, Holdren, and Browner. They’ve listened to the Phil Jones of the world, and the Yvo de Boers and Maurice Strongs. Oh, what wickedness.

  5. “Global warming is even more selective than we predicted..”

  6. Oh.. and by that, I meant that record freezes and snowfalls across UK and Europe in addition to the US means global warming is becoming very selective…

  7. Idiocy is a Daily event with him.

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