Climate change and ETS vanish from the media

Unfortunately, Kevin Rudd’s tactic of focussing on other issues, such as health, in order to divert attention from his climate policy, appears to be working. That, together with the Garrett insulation debacle, has ensured that the media this morning is almost bereft of any mention of climate change, or the ETS or Penny Wong. Which is a pleasant change.

But it does mean that the Coalition no longer has that huge ETS-shaped stick with which to beat the government. And that is a great pity. The Coalition should, however, continue to remind the electorate that climate change was, until a short time ago, “the greatest moral challenge of our generation” (or something), and that if Rudd had any principles (which he doesn’t), he would be focussing on getting his ETS through as soon as possible. But Rudd is political weathervane, twisting here and twisting there, helplessly following the winds of public opinion, because his only desire is to remain popular and, more importantly, remain in power. Now that the ETS is losing support, he abandons it.

However, Kevin Rudd has said that climate change will be at the “front and centre” of policy moving towards the Federal election, so it is only delaying the inevitable. The ETS will be back in the news in May as Rudd tries to force it through the Senate for the third time. And it will be back in the news in the election campaign later in the year.

Until then, it looks like climate change is off the Australian media agenda.


  1. I remain convinced that the krudd element is still brewing an awful surprise to be forced through the senate when they are ready. I suspect it will be the agreement with the watermelons for a tax.

  2. Apparently the CRU enquiry in UK Parliament received no coverage here. Pretty much sums up the situation.

  3. George Grisancich says:

    Just watch kRudd do an Obama. Carbon tax? No, No, It’s all about energy security. It’s always been about energy security.

    You better believe it.


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