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Thanks to Their ABC, Australia’s most famous alarmist, David Karoly, is given a free ride on Radio Australia, telling us the old story that it’s all much worse than we thought. There are no details of the report, or those responsible for it, just the inevitable alarmist hysteria. And you can tell Karoly is on another planet by some of his responses:

DI BAIN: What does this report do to debunk the growing scepticism about climate change?

DAVID KAROLY: Well, what this paper does is show that the evidence of human caused climate change is even stronger than it was in the IPCC assessment and it was already very strong in the IPCC assessment because the IPCC concluded that most of the warming in global average temperatures over the last 50 years, essentially the 50 years leading up to 2007 was very likely more than 90 per cent certain due to human activity.

And what our study has found is it is even more confident in terms of a human influence on global mean temperatures and we can also see a significant human influence from increases in greenhouse gases in warming in temperatures in all continents, at a regional scale in many different regions, in warming in the oceans, in reductions in arctic sea ice and in changes in rainfall patterns.

DI BAIN: How does the person who isn’t adept in the science know what figures to trust, especially after the recent IPCC errors and the climate change email scandal last year?

DAVID KAROLY: As far as I’m aware, there is only one error of substance in the IPCC assessments which was a mistake and has been admitted to in terms of the timing for the Asian glaciers, or Himalayan glaciers to disappear. [Conveniently forgetting all the others… – Ed]

That’s been acknowledged as a mistake but that was not a key conclusion of the IPCC and there is still conclusive evidence that glaciers are retreating and have retreated over the last 100 years all around the world and there is clear evidence that human caused increases in temperatures regionally have contributed to that decline in glacier extent, or retreat of glaciers, all around the world.

So, I think there is still, well, no, I think, I know there is still convincing evidence that human activity is causing both global and regional warming in most parts of the world over the last 100 years.

DI BAIN: The climate change debate doesn’t appear to be the number one priority for Kevin Rudd anymore, are the sceptics winning the public debate in Australia?

DAVID KAROLY: Well, I think that there has been a range of misinformation being spread by media outlets because the climate change sceptics are spreading that misinformation. I think that a range of scientific studies, such as this one, on the relationship between observed climate change and its causes, reaffirm the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

They will literally say anything, won’t they? As if the media isn’t in the alarmists pocket? Per-lease. Oh, and let me know when a sceptic is given a similar easy ride. I won’t wait up.

Read it here.

P.S. Here again, for your enjoyment is Karoly’s famous Lateline quote:

The only way that I could see the climate system in 50 years time or 100 years time being cooler than at present is if the earth got hit by an asteroid and basically human civilisation was destroyed. (source)


  1. Sean McHugh says:

    Of course, an obvious question to ask, would have been, “How come there doesn’t seem to have been any warming at all over the last dozen years?” The ABC goes well beyond bias. And we actually have to pay for these socialist political lobbyists.

  2. Incredible isnt it – youd think the ABC would at least follow it’s own policy.

  3. Nothing makes me laugh more then when KAROLY opens his mouth. How the ABC can take this alleged scientist seriously is beyond me. His ‘global warming swindle’ performance was stupendous – “Definitely not changes in total solar irradiance” driving climate change. Sheesh! No you’re right David that giant furnace in the sky has nothing to do with climate change , it’s those darn nasty traces of greenhouse gas we emit into the atmosphere.
    As for ‘our ABC’, I think it should come with a warning that any exposure may lead to a deterioration in your intelligence. What code of practice ?


  1. […] Two of these seven were contacted by NRSP for the purposes of this article – Dr. Vincent Gray of New Zealand and Dr. Ross McKitrick of the University of Guelph, Canada. Concerning the “Greenhouse gas forcing …” statement above, Professor McKitrick explained “A categorical summary statement like this is not supported by the evidence in the IPCC WG I report. Evidence shown in the report suggests that other factors play a major role in climate change, and the specific effects expected from greenhouse gases have not been observed.” So if the basis for the UN IPCC theory on AGW is as yet not proven (UNIPCC acknowledges this), is at odds with observation (global temperatures have not risen according to the AGW theory), has not been done according to scientific method (as yet there is no absolute, non model proof), has not been open to independent peer review (now it is claimed a lot of the original data is lost), and now through Climategate it has been exposed that ’scientific practices’ have been lacking by those at the heart of the UN IPCC group of scientists and finally Scientific Institutions are starting to question the reliability of data and research supporting AGW, then how strong is your case on consensus. And this is all in addition to the many world leading scientists who have already spoken out is opposition to the AGW scam.  Science isn’t proven by consensus but the fact also remains is that as the lack of science is being exposed then the AGW climate consensus is crumbling. ………………………………………………………………… JoNova’s skeptics handbook continues to go global, ABC a platform for alarmists, […]

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