Climate scientists bleating over "attacks from sceptics"

Out of order

You couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s always those filthy sceptics, flat-earthers, deniers. Here we are, just ordinary climate scientists going about our daily lives, fudging data, deleting emails when we get FOI requests, and threatening journals that dare to publish papers that challenge the consensus, and you nasty mean sceptics somehow find that objectionable. If only we could just get on with our skulduggery without your annoying interference:

CSIRO scientists say they are coming under political attack as part of an orchestrated campaign by climate change sceptics.

A delegation of scientists is in Canberra this week to push for bipartisan political support for open debate and diversity in government science. [Open debate? That’ll be the day – Ed]

CSIRO Staff Association president Michael Borgas says scientific integrity is under threat. [Yes, it certainly is, but not from the sceptics, it’s from the climate scientists who have forgotten what being a scientist is all about – Ed]

“It’s a very large concern both internal but in particular externally,” he said.

“Now we’re seeing some quite unprecedented attacks on the integrity of science in the CSIRO, that was in senate estimates recently.”

Dr Borgas says scientists need more support from management.

“We frankly think that the management does make matters worse by appearing to gag comment and exert too much control of the scientists,” he said.

“But we can see that they are attempting to manage the risk that they see from these attacks which are coming from the outside.”

Whose fault is all this? Get your own ship in order before looking for excuses elsewhere.

Read it where? You guessed it. In the ever-impartial ABC.

UPDATE: And Stephen Schneider gets in on the victim act, with this outlandish claim:

”I have hundreds” of threatening emails, Stephen Schneider, a climatologist at Stanford University in California, told Tierramérica.

He believes scientists will be killed over this. ”I’m not going to let it worry me… but you know it’s going to happen,” said Schneider, one of the most respected climate scientists in the world. ”They shoot abortion doctors here.” (source)

Schneider, like all the others, was strangely silent when threats of “Nuremburg Trials”, jail or execution for climate sceptics were being made. Funny that.


  1. Rick Bradford says:

    He left out the word “well-funded” before “orchestrated campaign”. 🙂

    Once more, the triple psychological pattern of denial, projection, and victimhood.

  2. Huh? “Appearing to gag comment”??
    Like the way the CSIRO “appeared” to gag Clive Spash?

    ..or Michael Raupach, John Church, Pep Canadell and James Risbey?

    ..or others?

    Imagine this grubby organisation worrying about “scientific integrity”.
    Where’s my bucket?

  3. I think you will find that it is Climate Change scientists as opposed to climate scientists are the one’s screaming. They believe in “climate change” as opposed to “climate”. Climate change is an ideology, climate is a science.

  4. Andrew Barnham says:

    Outstanding. The way this whole saga is unfolding is better than reality television.

    I guess that the scientific community has grown so accustomed to holding public esteem and trust, that their profession is generally regarded as one of the noblest and most valued of human endeavours, that to see a growing section of the lay community begin to question their competency and integrity must come as quite a shock to them.

  5. ..and how can this grubby organisation make any pretence at “scientific integrity” when they are bought and paid for by k.d. wong’s Ministry of Truth?
    See the CSIRO slush fund here:

  6. Bush bunny says:

    Dr Stephen Schneider using a program developed by Al Gore’s chief scientific adviser Dr James Hansen
    was very vocal in the mid 1970s in a mini series ‘A new Ice Age cometh’. (Available on U Tube still).

    What is feared by him and others is that they will be seen as gaining money under false pretenses.
    Like some Dr’s lost public faith, so will some scientists and definately the UN IPCC. Did you know that
    Goldman Sach’s whose former Australian director, Malcolm Turnbull, went to London in October 2009 and then came back threatening his party that anyone who didn’t vote with him to support ETS taxes, etc., would be unwelcolme? Goldman Sachs, Patchauri and maybe Turnbull have invested in clean energy and CCT investments. Did you know TERI Europe & India have been receiving funds for clean energy schemes. And India has invested heavily like the EU & UK in CCT’s. The BBC pension fund is invested in CCTs.
    Did you know that the value of Carbon Trading Credits have plunged. No Cap & Trade schemes no reason to buy CCT’s. Of course they will have eggs on their faces, and are hiding the fact that they were way off this planet with the alarmist reports and the dodgy manipulated data and UEA Phil Jones, saying
    Oh, those nasty emails to the House of Commons committee. Did they also mention he was glad
    why the late John Daly passed away and said so.

    The CSIRO with held their report, but later in February admitted that ‘droughts in Australia are not caused by climate change as was quoted in the UN IPCC report. Australia has the highest per capita
    of carbon emissions in the world so sayeth the UN IPCC.

    And CO2 doesn’t drive climate change. Sure it is a miniscule part of Greenhouse gases. 95% is water vapor and depending on the season, keeps this planet warmer while around and cooler during the day.

    So if CO2 doesn’t cause or drive climate change irrespective if there is an increase through human activity, regional not effecting the whole planet at one time, that a big volcanic eruption could, why tax it??.
    It will drive up prices for transport, home or domestic electricity and gas supplies, your car and insurances. They even wanted to tax farmers for beef ($11 per head) and sheep ($7) for methane emissions. OK no meat folks, unless you keep it yourself in the back garden.

    California have found their electricity prices have gone up 5% as their main grid is supporting solar and wind generated electricity that can’t maintain it on its own. Electric cars are not CO2 free, in fact they demand more electricity per km, therefore responsible for the equivalent of more CO2 production.

    Oh what a strange planet we live in. Just for global governance to make the rich richer and the poor (that’s you and me! Not some poor peasant in some god forgiven undemocratic corrupt country!)

    They should all be brought to trial. Al Gore first up. Pachauri, Mann, Hansen and Schneider and Tim
    Flannery and have to pay compensation for all the people they have nearly driven to suicide because of their alarmist predictions! So sayeth one Angry bush bunny.


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