ABC: Facebook comments passed off as "journalism"

ABC loves Labor, hates Liberals

More outright bias from the ABC, as it slams Tony Abbott’s maternity leave policy based on nothing more than random comments posted on its web site, and – wait for it – Facebook. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our public service broadcaster now gets ammunition to beat the Coalition from Facebook:

Parental plan a ‘cheap ploy’ to win votes

Reaction from ABC readers suggests many Australians are sceptical about the Federal Opposition Leader’s ambitious parental leave plan.

Yesterday at a lunch as part of International Women’s Day, Tony Abbott announced a plan to offer six months’ paid paternal leave if the Coalition wins the next election.

Mr Abbott says the Coalition will offer the pay for parents at their current salary, up to a ceiling of $150,000, rather than the Government’s scheme of 18 weeks paid at the minimum wage.

The plan would be funded by a new levy on big business, which has been quick to voice its opposition to the scheme.

ABC readers were today non-committal in their reaction to the plan, with some saying that although it sounds good, it will never happen.

“It won’t affect me at all because it will never be implemented by Tony Abbott, the Liberals or Labor in this current form and funding method,” Budovski commented on ABC News Online.

“It is a good idea, no doubt about that, but it is a totally disingenuous promise to woo voters.

On Facebook, some said the plan was a cheap ploy to win votes and that it would never be delivered.

“I will not be polite about it, he is hunting votes. If he thinks giving mums on that salary a break is fair then he has rocks in his head,” one commenter said.

Another said: “Simply put, Tony Abbott’s plan is just a con job for morons to soak up. It’s an empty promise that would never be delivered and he knows this. (source)

Ignoring the obvious fact that the ABC would never reprint such comments critical of His Royal Kruddness or his tawdry government, you have to hand it to the ABC – you know their standards have reached rock bottom when they simply reprint uninformed, anonymous comments from the public and Facebook!

This is a pitiful and frankly disgraceful excuse for journalism.

Their ABC – banging the Drum for the Left, Labor and Rudd.


  1. and anonymous comments at that!

  2. Lachlan says:

    I feel some Rudd speak might be in order here so can I just say this Simon? I think that Their ABC could do with some lessons on how to fairly “shake the sauce bottle”

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