OT: Krudd & Co – schools stimulus spending rorted

A COLA at Broke Public School

Last month it was the home insulation scandal – four young men dead, thousands of homes possibly electrified, millions of dollars to be spent fixing it up, already accusations of further rip-offs by fixers, Peter Garrett demoted in name only but still draws healthy cabinet salary, no-one with enough decency in Krudd & Co to do the honourable thing and resign, whilst Greg Combet is given the hospital pass of cleaning up the mess – and now evidence of astonishing waste in the “Building the Education Revolution” spending.

Today’s Australian carries the latest in a long line of stories about covered outdoor learning areas, or “COLAs” [how PC and post-modern is that? – Ed] which cost about tuppence ha’penny to build, but on which sums of $1m or more are being spent through the Rudd stimulus package. Basically, a COLA is a roof on stilts, a glorified shade cloth in other words (see pic). How one of these could possibly cost anywhere near a million is beyond belief. But no-one in the government gives a toss. As long as the money’s spent and they can brag about what a great job they’ve done for schools, that’s all that matters. Maybe we should call them Rainproof Outdoor Resources for Teaching and Study, which has the more appropriate acronym RORTS.

These are your tax dollars being frittered away by a government in disarray that thinks it can solve any problem if you throw enough money at it.

So as one scandal exits public consciousness via the side door, the next one is already waiting to burst into the limelight.

Read it here.


  1. That’s good ole fashioned value for money KRUDD style…


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