AFL to campaign on climate change

On the climate bandwagon

Coming from the UK, and at the risk of alienating some readers, I am afraid I see nothing to recommend AFL (nor NRL), filled, as they both are, with overpaid, oversexed, overrated bogans. As if to confirm my initial impression, the meat-heads at the AFL are about to lower themselves even further in my estimation by threatening to campaign on climate change:

THE AFL has already campaigned for a raft of social causes, headed by its anti-racial vilification stance, its testing for illicit drugs, respect towards women and measures encouraging responsible drinking and gambling. [And look how far they have got! – Ed]

What could be the next great cause for Andrew Demetriou and the clubs? Demetriou has hinted that it could be one of the most debated issues of our time – climate change.

Demetriou this week said that football had not reached its limit for involvement in social issues [thanks for clarifying that, we all knew that climate change was just a vehicle for social change – Ed], suggesting that the clubs now had a greater interest in climate change. Asked what, if any, issue football might next take on, the AFL boss said: ”I guess there is. Something else will emerge. I think our clubs have got an awareness of issues around climate change and wanting to do the right thing by, you know, helping raise awareness around climate change.

Stick to, you know, footy.

Read it here.


  1. I can’t resist entering into this one. After the debacle of the “green” round and now this. Is there nothing sacred with these absolute religious nuts.

    Footy is footy – it is not a political band-wagon. Get off it and don’t destroy the game with this outrageous “propoganda”.

    How much has KRudd promised the AFL in $$ to do this crazy thing. Surely there are much better ways to waste our money. Or is this some political “grand standing” from Demetriou so that he can get a seat in Labour after his contract expires?

    What a shame that the AFL has to now “tackle” social issues. I am sure that the NRL and AFA will have to follow on this one.

    I’ll be at the Swans v Crows game on Easter Sunday and will make sure that the crowd know that this is a scam. Appropriate attire will be worn – in Red & White of course.

    Sport and politics do not mix.

  2. If the AFL are serious about climate change, they’d start by abandoning having a national competition and night games.. Why? Airplane fuel and electricity..

  3. Sean McHugh says:

    Football yobbos as our social mentors! Give me a break. Then again, perhaps their being embassadors to the mental prostitution of warming alarmism, is exactly what the cause deserves.

  4. rukidding says:

    Fully agree Dave N
    Switch off the lights and go back to local competitions.
    But like most climate change nuts its more do as I say
    not as I do.


  5. SA Stockwell says:

    “I am not a climate scientist, but” … “as scientists, we must…”.
    I’m sorry, but you’ve completely snookered yourself there.

    • @SA Stockwell: Your point is, exactly? There are climate scientists, and there are other kinds of scientists. I am one of those other kinds… Sorry if it’s confusing.


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