AFL = All For Labor

Wong-bot runs the "play footy" app

We reported back in March how the AFL wanted to get involved in climate change campaigning. Well now we discover (thanks to Andrew Bolt) that the AFL and its moonbat boss Andrew Demetriou, are the latest to embrace politically correct environmentalism by spruiking Labor’s climate change policies through a Green Clubs program, which also includes targeting children with climate propaganda:

THE AUSTRALIAN Football League has this week launched a new online training module called Green Clubs for community football clubs and the broader Australian football industry.

One of the biggest challenges facing Australian football is the impact of climate change on community football grounds. [Like what, exactly?  It’s not as if clubs are being forced to save electricity by abandoning massive floodlights for night matches…]

Green Clubs aims to educate clubs about ways they can reduce their impact on the environment, while ensuring the sustainability of sporting grounds.  The module includes strategies for saving water, reducing energy use and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The Green Clubs module is one component of a partnership established last year with the Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

In addition to the introduction of the module, an interactive climate change awareness program for families and children involved in junior football programs has also been developed.

Speaking at the Carlton Football Club today, the Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Water, Senator Penny Wong, [who she?] commended the AFL and Carlton Football Club for helping to raise awareness of climate change amongst football clubs and their fans.

“We know Australians want to do their fair share in tackling climate change [don’t include me in that, by the way], and now the AFL is helping Australians to do that while they are at the football,” Senator Wong said.

Funny – because I thought that sport was something for all of us, a rare place where politics doesn’t intrude. Not any more it appears. I don’t know how many Coalition voters watch AFL, but I sincerely hope it will drop pretty dramatically after this.

AFL = All For Labor.

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AFL to campaign on climate change

On the climate bandwagon

Coming from the UK, and at the risk of alienating some readers, I am afraid I see nothing to recommend AFL (nor NRL), filled, as they both are, with overpaid, oversexed, overrated bogans. As if to confirm my initial impression, the meat-heads at the AFL are about to lower themselves even further in my estimation by threatening to campaign on climate change:

THE AFL has already campaigned for a raft of social causes, headed by its anti-racial vilification stance, its testing for illicit drugs, respect towards women and measures encouraging responsible drinking and gambling. [And look how far they have got! – Ed]

What could be the next great cause for Andrew Demetriou and the clubs? Demetriou has hinted that it could be one of the most debated issues of our time – climate change.

Demetriou this week said that football had not reached its limit for involvement in social issues [thanks for clarifying that, we all knew that climate change was just a vehicle for social change – Ed], suggesting that the clubs now had a greater interest in climate change. Asked what, if any, issue football might next take on, the AFL boss said: ”I guess there is. Something else will emerge. I think our clubs have got an awareness of issues around climate change and wanting to do the right thing by, you know, helping raise awareness around climate change.

Stick to, you know, footy.

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