Academy dares question consensus – alarmists go ape

Stick to your guns

Another example of alarmists desperate to shut down debate on climate. The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (home page here) has circulated a draft two-page policy statement on climate change, the Canberra Times reports.

A copy obtained by the Canberra Times reveals the academy “does not accept that the science is settled” and notes many scientists believe “climate changes are nothing unusual, based on past geological records.”

Shock horror. It’s barely a sceptical view at all. More like a neutral view on the climate debate, and one on which even many pro-AGW scientists would have to agree. But it’s not a hysterical endorsement of the alarmist consensus, and the warmist headbangers can’t let that happen, so rent-an-alarmist Will Steffen gets in on the act:

Australian National University climate change institute director Professor Will Steffen said the draft was “a very poor, confused and sloppy document that obviously still needs a lot of work to improve its credibility.”

Translation: it has no credibility unless it peddles the alarmist nonsense of the IPCC. And the best bit of all, said without any hint of irony:

“It’s obvious someone involved in drafting this is showing their hand. This is not an objective document, and would appear to be politically motivated.

[Editor of ACM falls of chair in fit of hysterical laughing at the blatant hypocrisy of that statement.]

And because this is the Canberra Times and because it is written by Rosslyn Beeby, the article then wheels out a dozen alarmists to say the same thing in equally tedious fashion. Message to ATSE: do not be intimidated by this kind of playground bullying tactics. Stand your ground, and stand up for scientific integrity and impartiality, not the quasi-religious dogma of the warm-brigade.

(NB. This article is not available online [why not, I wonder? – Ed], and was sourced from Warwick Hughes, with thanks.)


  1. If only more than 97 people would read about this.


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