Idiotic Comment of the Day: Jessica Watson

Slips in global warming…

Celebrity not-quite-round-the-world-officially heroine Jessica Watson manages to slip in “global warming” [shurely “climate change”? – Ed] when speaking of her exploits on her blog last week (as reported by SBS):

“It’s a shame that my voyage won’t be recognised by a few organisations because I’m under 18, but it really doesn’t worry me,” Watson wrote on her blog last week.

I mean there’s millions, properly [sic] billions of people who still don’t believe in global warming, so I’m more than happy to settle for a few people going against the tide and declaring that mine hasn’t been an official circumnavigation.” (source)

See the original blog post here.

UPDATE: She did smack down Kevin Rudd’s patronising flannel, so she’s not all bad!


  1. Wow she’s done it. Congrats Jessica. What an achievemnet.

    Though I am against you being allowed to have undertake such a dangerous endeavour.

    There is a reason why most states don’t allow 16yr olds to drive, purchase alcohol, legally attend nightclubs, the list goes on.

    I think we have to protect our ‘children’ from such dangers until they are old enough both mentally and legally to make their own descions.

    I’m so glad you have made it home safely 🙂

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