New UN climate chief appointed

New UN climate chief

You can hardly blame Yvo de Boer for stepping down after the unmitigated disaster that was Copenhagen (see here). So the hospital pass has been handed to Costa Rican Christiana Figueres:

Figueres, 53, the choice of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, is the first leader of the U.N. climate change secretariat to come from a developing country. She will take over from Dutchman Yvo de Boer from July 1.

She beat fellow short-listed candidate Marthinus van Schalkwyk, a former South African environment minister, for a position meant to rally global accord on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol after a disappointing summit in Copenhagen last December.

Announcing the appointment, U.N. spokesman Martin Nesirky said Figueres “brings to this position a passion for the issue, deep knowledge of the stakeholders and valuable hands-on experience with the public sector, non-profit sector and private sector.”

The scale of Figueres’ task is underscored by a Copenhagen summit where 120 world leaders failed to reach a binding deal, pledging instead to mobilize $30 billion from 2010-2012 to help poor countries deal with droughts and floods, and to try to limit warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius.

In an interview with Reuters after her appointment, Figueres said the world can salvage a new deal to combat global warming but this was not a priority for 2010. Rich countries must first fulfill their pledges on climate aid, she said.

“Parties need to prove to themselves that issues already on the table, such as fast-tracking financing, that’s not just on paper but can also be delivered. That’s the focus of Cancun,” she said. (source)

New face, same old story.


  1. What! Rich countries….where in the “heck” are they…please tell me…this is a “joke”!

  2. pyeatte says:

    You would think people would be embarrassed to be associated with the AGW hoax, but alas, this dead horse must be kicked some more. As for money for the perpetual handout monkeys – not one dime for those dolts as it relates to climate change let alone the insane $30 billion sum. As long as these countries continue with their dictatorship, left-wing governments, they can stew in their own juices – in perpetuity.

  3. Just finished reading Lindzens address to the CC Conference. The science just doesn’t stack up and the now that temps and CO2 emissions are diverging even more you would think that AGW should be dead. The fact that it isn’t says a great deal about the politics and the money.

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