UPDATED: The hypocrisy of Labor and the Labor-loving media

The media and Labor are all over Tony Abbott this morning after his “gaffe” on ABC’s 7.30 Report in which he rather too candidly admitted that politicians are susceptible to hyperbole in the heat of the moment. Well, knock me down with a feather. Tell me something I don’t know. But Labor are on to it, calling him Phoney Tony, trying to make cheap political capital out of it (always a sure sign of a government in deep trouble), and the media have all got collective “cat got the cream” expressions on their smug journalistic faces.

What short memories they have, and a truly impressive ability to forget instantly the lies, spin and deception of this bankrupt Labor government, which has executed more backflips than a gymnastics convention. Don’t know about Phoney Tony, but I sure know about Rudd the Dud.

Abbott simply told the truth about politics in the 21st century, and was rather too honest about it, but the hypocrisy it has received in response is nothing short of breathtaking.

UPDATE: Some of this simply has to be seen to be believed, as Labor ministers queue up to rubbish Abbott. Nicola Roxon (the worst health minister in living memory?) thinks Abbott is “cracking under pressure” and Penny Wong [who she? – Ed] thinks he “cannot be trusted” (see here). If those same standards were applied to the Government, there wouldn’t be a man or woman left standing. Andrew Robb calls the hypocrisy for what it is:

Those Government ministers who have been out all morning hyperventilating about Tony Abbott are hardly in a position to point a finger considering their appalling track record.

It is the pot calling the kettle black.

Kevin Rudd is the king of broken promises, back-flips and spin and when the going gets tough he goes into hiding, blames others and wheels out junior ministers to take the rap.

In stark contrast, Tony Abbott is a strong leader who is refreshingly authentic and who has the courage to get out there and take it on the chin.

Read it all.


  1. Calling it a “gaffe” is beyond bizarre. Apparently self-delusion is now a requirement to be an advisor to policymakers, and for policymakers themselves.

    I expect most people will agree with Mr Abbott and be shaking their heads and voting accordingly.

  2. McHarris says:

    Oh My Goodness – an honest politician?

    I have often been heard to ask ‘show me an honest politician please’ …. Implying non exist! Tony Abbott has shown me how wrong a person can be. He has also shown to the Australian people, that no matter how much angst and bad mouthing is being thrown at him by Kevin Rudd and the Australian Labour Party – he can hold his head up high, because he has told the truth.


  3. Tony Abbot should have come back and said, “I made a short jocular remark.”

    Would have required great effort to keep a straight face and deadpan voice.

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