More taxpayer-funded indoctrination of our children

Government-funded indoctrination

A new government web site has been launched, catchily entitled Shout Out for Climate Change, encouraging students from primary to tertiary to create TV adverts or artistic works that “raise awareness of climate change”. As if that isn’t scary enough, it’s fronted with a video of Penny Wong – run for the hills! Indoctrination Alert:

The Shout Out for Climate Change competition offers young Australians the opportunity to share their thoughts and views on climate change.

If you are an aspiring film director, actor, advertising executive or just have a creative flair and care about the future of our planet [since because if you don’t subscribe to the hysterical climate alarmism of the Labor government, you don’t “care about the future of the planet” – Ed], we are counting on you to shout out for climate change in the 2010 school and university competition.

All Australian primary, secondary and tertiary students living and studying in Australia are eligible to enter the Shout Out for Climate change competition.

Through this competition you will have the opportunity to ‘shout out’ your ideas about combating climate change – and we will help you share them with Australia.

Climate propaganda, pure and simple, paid for by your taxes. Be angry, be very angry.

The whole gory web site is here. (h/t Andrew Bolt)


  1. Great to see you full steam ahead!

  2. Michael Cejnar says:

    Don’t just get angry
    Write to your school respectfully saying you do not wish your child subjected to government propaganda on Climate Change, and specifically this project.

  3. I just caught the tail end of one of these ads on the tele. It stated that 97% of scientists believe in AGW. I can’t believe that they’re still pushing that particular lie. Time to lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Bureau

    Don’t let them get away with this socialist indoctrination of our youth.

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