Climate change to increase weeds… no, wait…

Killer weeds killed off?

Way back in October 2008, ACM ran the following story:

Invasion of the killer weeds

“Scientists have warned that more government funding is needed to protect Australia against a climate-driven weed invasion.” (ACM, 17 October 2008, link)

But hang on, now it’s all change, because the Sydney Moonbat Herald reports that climate change will actually eradicate some weeds:

Climate change may have an upside in helping Australian scientists put the squeeze on some weed species.

A CSIRO report has found that hotter temperatures and reduced rainfall in South Australia could lead to changes in the type and number of weeds growing in areas across the state.

It said existing weed problems in northern districts may shift south and landholders may have to deal with species they haven’t encountered before.

But it also found that as the climate warms the geographic range of some weeds that prefer cooler conditions may be reduced.

“If we can prevent the replacement with other weeds we may be able to put the squeeze on some weeds, particularly the notoriously destructive weeds Bridal Creeper and Scotch Broom,” lead author Darren Kriticos said. (source)

More weeds, same weeds, fewer weeds, different weeds. Who cares? As long as we can write mind-numbing stories about “climate change” to keep our editors happy.


  1. Lachlan says:

    My suggestion is that these Scientists stop smoking their research material.

  2. They do the same thing on rainfall. Somedays we are heading for the worst drought of all time, somedays we are in for a flood of biblical proportions. Then next week it swaps over again. None of them predicted the recent rains in NSW and most of them haven’t even noticed yet.

    Click to access scs20a.pdf

    Recently we had the “largest area of 100mm plus daily totals on a single day in the Australian meteorological record” … and this happened after repeated dire warnings that the drought in NSW would be a permanent thing. Strangely, very little reporting of how arse-about wrong these predictions were.


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