BREAKING: Rudd leadership in doubt

On the way out?


As I watch Sky’s coverage, there is a possible leadership challenge to Kevin Rudd underway in Canberra right now.

It is being reported that the challenge is being pushed by the right factions in Victoria and South Australia. The question is whether Julia Gillard will agree to be put forward as replacement.

2005 AEST: Senior source states that the question being put comes down to whether a Gillard government would be a “better, more consultative government” than Rudd’s.

2010 AEST: Mark Arbib apparently wishes Gillard to run. Gillard and Faulkner are still in Rudd’s office.

2020 AEST: Anthony Albanese and Lindsay Tanner join the party in Rudd’s office. This process will be very damaging for Rudd even if he survives…

2030 AEST: Bill Shorten is “rushing to make himself Kingmaker” ahead of Simon Crean “whom he detests” – don’t ya just love it!!

2040 AEST: Australian Workers Union move away from Rudd – big move.

2042 AEST: AWU now backing Gillard – is it all over for Rudd? All the other right unions will follow suit.

2045 AEST: Labor source: “Rudd’s dead.”

2055 AEST: Meeting still underway…

2100 AEST: Lefty Sky News is running the screen text “SMS to Liberal MPs to ‘totally shut up about the leadership'”

2120 AEST: NSW Right is now behind Gillard (Sky source) – it’s all over for Rudd.

2125 AEST: Nationwide right faction has deserted Rudd.

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