Julia Gillard is new Australian Prime Minister

In … out.

Kevin Rudd has stepped down and Julia Gillard is now Australia’s first female prime minister. In the end, there was no ballot in the Labor caucus room – Rudd realised that he had so little support. Wayne Swan is the new deputy PM.

The press are pinning Rudd’s downfall primarily on his failure to go ahead with the ETS back in April.

A disastrous day for Labor, and it will be very interesting to see what Gillard does with the policy nightmares – the mining tax, asylum seekers etc, but in particular the ETS, which may be back on the policy table.

The Liberals came out with the “Kevin OLemon” advert just a day or so ago, and now Rudd’s gone. Must be one of the most effective ad campaigns ever! Here it is:



  1. Jaiden Pyke says:

    Congratulations, Julia. I hope you can do better than Kevin Rudd.

  2. Poor Kevin,
    I am sad to see him step down, he was never given a chance. There’s a lot to do in his position and people just got impatient. I wish him all the best with whatever he does from here. Kevin did a great job considering what needed to be done, good on you Kevin!!
    Julia has a big job to fill, all i can say is good luck.
    [However, I’m not sure if I’ll vote for Labor again now.]
    As for the other politicians, there’s a lot of them that need to stand down, but it certainly wasn’t Kevin Rudd.
    All the best Kevin, where ever you go next!!

  3. she has red hair

  4. Carina i guess when you’re this deluded, you must not even realize it?

  5. It is absolutely disgraceful to treat a Prime Minister of Australia this way. It is typical of the factions within the Labor party to meddle. Julia was not voted into this position by the people of Australia but Kevin Rudd was. We still have the same jokers in Government as before. I am so over the Labor party. This reminds me what happened in NSW.

  6. I’d love to see anyone else try to fill the PM’s shoes, it would be a hard job to fill.
    Kevin wasn’t given a chance to help make change. I believe he did make positive changes along his short lived position.
    As for Freddy, no I’m not deluded, look at all the jokers in the govt… as Rolf says.
    That’s 2 less votes for Labor Party now and I agree with Rolf.

  7. No tears for a liar.
    If Kevin claims to be a christian, how could he ever promote the “global warming” lie as if God is never in control of His creation?

    We prayed about that and today Kevin is now GONE.


  8. why why why so its okay for her to tell lies but no one else, does this mean we save money since women are not supposed to get equal pay

  9. Yeah, looks like the Labour caucus really drunk the lemon-ad(e).

  10. Gaura lila dasi says:

    Julia Gilliard will have to watch her back now. What you do to others will eventually come back to you.
    There is a saying ” Do unto others what you would like done unto you”


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