Election 2010: Labor prepares "smear campaign" on Abbott

The gutter: Labor will always get there first

Labor is the expert in gutter politics and smear, so there shouldn’t be much preparation required. Even the Sydney Morning Herald refers to is in this derogatory way. But we shouldn’t be surprised – Labor’s polling is in free-fall, and Labor will do anything to stay in power, even if it means descending to this level, as the SMH/Age gleefully reports:

LABOR’S election campaign is set to enter a new aggressive and negative phase designed to exert maximum pressure on Tony Abbott by highlighting his ”extremist” past rhetoric.

After a collapse in support following a series of leaks, Labor will be using its new underdog status to turn the blowtorch back onto Mr Abbott, warning voters to take a closer look at the man who could be prime minister.

Labor is preparing a smear campaign drawing attention to Mr Abbott’s controversial past rhetoric. The Sunday Age has been given an extensive dossier containing dozens of comments by Mr Abbott on issues such as industrial relations, abortion, teenage sex, marriage, and climate change. It includes extensive material on Mr Abbott’s hardline attitudes to women and abortion, including a 2006 statement that there was ”a bizarre double standard in this country where someone who kills a pregnant woman’s baby is guilty of murder but a woman who aborts an unborn baby is simply exercising choice”.

Small Business Minister Craig Emerson yesterday said Labor would turn up the pressure by highlighting Coalition plans to slash spending in areas such as health and education.

”Let’s just see how Tony Abbott deals with pressure,” Dr Emerson said.

”He didn’t respond very well to pressure in the first week. We are halfway through the second quarter in this match and there will be plenty of pressure coming on to Tony Abbott and let’s just see how he responds to it.”

So I guess Mr Emerson that you’re behind this school-playground type plan, yes? Abbott should not rise to this puerile mudslinging, and hope that the public see it for what it is – Labor desperation.

Read it here.

UPDATE: As Andrew Bolt rightly points out, if Labor is going to drag up Abbott’s past, then perhaps we should look a bit more closely at Julia Gillard’s as well, and her association with ultra hard-Left, socialist organisations, advocating batty policies like twinning Melbourne with Leningrad. Labor and Gillard should be very careful. Read it here.


  1. The Greens have finally merged science with religion by spouting “Abbott doesn’t believe in climate change”. At least the Libs aren’t spouting “Gillard doesn’t believe in God”.

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