Climate talks "going backwards"

UN: more hot air than a ballooning festival

Which is better than “moving forward”, isn’t is Julia? Did you know climate talks were going on currently? No, neither did I. But given that the UN is just one big gab-fest, you can be pretty sure that any week of the year there will be some climate talks going on somewhere! Fortunately, however, things aren’t going too well:

UN climate talks tasked with curbing the threat of global warming are backsliding, delegates said at the close of a week-long session in Bonn.

Record global temperatures, forest fires in Russia, lethal floods in Pakistan “are all consistent with the kind of changes we could expect from climate change, and they will get worse if we don’t act quickly,” said US negotiator Jonathan Pershing. [In other words, weather isn’t climate, except when we say it is]

“Unfortunately, what we have seen over and over this week is that some countries are walking back from the progress made in Copenhagen,” he told journalists, referring to the 11th-hour accord hammered out at the climate summit in December.

That agreement enshrined the goal of capping the increase of global temperatures at 2.0 degrees, but did not muster the commitments needed to attain it.

It also pledged long-term financing to help poor countries green their economies and cope with consequences of climate change, without specifying where the money would come from.

Dessima Williams of Grenada, speaking for the 43-nation Association of Small Island States, said she was “greatly concerned” by the slow pace of the talks.

“The situation on the ground for all our countries is worsening,” she said at a press conference. (source)

Given that the Copenhagen Accord was worth less than the paper it was printed on, sliding back from that is pretty desperate! At least Western economies will be spared for a little while longer.

Keep up the good work!


  1. ok, now what can WE do to help it fizzle out completely?

  2. Strange that he didn’t mention the cold snaps killing thousands of people.. He could have even attributed it to “climate change”..

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