Global warming good news for Greenland

Greener by the day

But, but, but… global warming [er, surely climate change?] is always bad news, right? Not, apparently, for the good folk of frozen Greenland:

Much has been written about Greenland’s melting ice cap, but rapidly changing climate may be opening up new possibilities for agriculture in the south of the country.

Historically dependent on imported food from Europe and government subsidies, Greenland currently flies or ships in almost all of its fresh fruit, vegetables, and livestock feed.

But rising temperatures provide a real opportunity to bolster the country’s fragile farming industry, which helping it become more self-sufficient.

Sky News visited a sheep farm in Qassiarsuk, where the Vikings first set foot when they colonised this land.

The business is run by young Greenlandic farmer Joorut Knudsen, 29, who took over from his father four years ago.

He told us he had more than doubled the size of the farm since then, and if the weather conditions continue to improve he planned to do at least the same again.

‘It is warmer,’ he said.

‘It would help us if it (got) warmer and warmer in South Greenland so we could have more farming.

‘We have the tractors, cutting machines, and equipment just like Europe so we just need bigger farms, more land, and of course, more rain.’

Less cold, more agriculture – gee, sounds kind of like something familiar, doesn’t it? Oh yes, I remember, the Medieval Warm Period, when the Vikings lived and farmed there, and there were no anthropogenic carbon emissions, coal fired power stations or SUVs. That’s why they called it “Green” land. Duh.

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  1. Baa Humbug says:

    I wouldn’t rush out and invest in new farms in Greenland hoping T’s will keep rising.
    A great “cooling” is on the way.

  2. Les Dyxic says:

    What a hoot this is turning out to be. The point was raised ” why is it called Greenland if it wasn’t warmer when named?” Alarmists reply…”It was the Viking’s sense of humour”… of course that was laughed down. Then it was named because of a real estate scam….trying to sell land unseen….what a scream. Anyway if warming is real, it’s a good thing….by all accounts, warming has preceded carbon ie; life!…that’s good isn’t it?

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