"Climate change" blamed for extreme weather


The environmentalists claim any extreme weather event that happens anywhere, ever, is now solely the result of climate change, because it will brainwash the public and frighten ignorant governments into desperately channelling even more precious taxpayer dollars to the scaremongers who claim they can “tackle climate change”.

Of course, extreme weather events have happened for billions of years, without any help from tiny anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. A quick search of an online news archive would reveal hundreds of extreme weather events, from floods, droughts, tornadoes, you name it, that had nothing whatsoever to do with climate change. [Update: You can do it for yourself here. Try searching “extreme weather” or “unusual weather” Update 2: Check Marc’s post at ABC News Watch here]

But it’s all different now. Any unusual weather event is blamed on climate change. It’s like the fact that extreme heat is “global warming”, but extreme cold is “just weather”. And the paper least able to distinguish climate fact from climate fiction is the Sydney Morning Herald, under the headline “Climate change whips up floods, fire and ice”:

CLIMATE change has been blamed for floods that have killed thousands and left millions homeless from Pakistan to North Korea, fires and a heatwave in Russia that have left 5000 dead and disrupted global food markets, and a severe tropical storm threatening Bermuda.

In Greenland, a giant ice island four times the size of Manhattan – about 225 square kilometres – has broken off the Petermann Glacier. It is the largest chunk of ice to calve in the Arctic since 1962. [So what caused the one in 1962? Was that global warming too? No, it couldn’t be because global warming hadn’t been invented then – maybe it was something called natural causes?]

Governments fear the devastation in Asia may stretch aid efforts as crops are destroyed amid soaring wheat prices, caused in part by Russia’s decision to ban grain exports until December 31.

”Mother Nature is playing a very evil hand,” Peter McGuire, managing director at CWA Global Markets, said in Sydney yesterday. ”It’s always the poor that suffer.” [At least this commentator realises it’s Mother Nature at work, not evil coal burning capitalists]

The weather drew comment from officials and activists [environmental headbangers] at international climate change talks in Bonn.

One US delegate said Russia’s heatwave and the recent floods that have devastated Pakistan are ”consistent with the kind of changes we would expect to see from climate change and they will only get worse unless we act quickly”.

But the environmental group Greenpeace [spare me] said negotiators at the talks were not getting the message.

”Russia is burning and Pakistan is drowning, yet they seem happy to continue as if they have all the time in the world,” said the group’s climate policy director Wendel Trio. (source)

It’s all nonsense of course. Whilst no-one could fail to have sympathy for the victims of such terrible events, even the alarmists don’t stoop so low as to blame such events on SUVs, but that doesn’t stop the Moonbat Herald. Journalism at its worst.


  1. Sean McHugh says:

    I wonder why there is no mention of the bitter cold that’s been killing people, livestock, crops and wild creatures in South America. Just kidding, I don’t really wonder.

  2. ABC are also keen to link bad weather with man made global warming. Here’s a post from last week that might interest.


    • @Marc: thanks – that was the post I was trying to recall reading!! I knew somebody recently had referenced the NLA and couldn’t recall where I’d seen it. Have added a link to the body of the post.

  3. Laurie Williams says:

    “since 1962” is the argument’s neat builtin selfdestroyer. You would think the genius who produced this bit of fantasy would have regarded that bit as good reason to keep this story quiet. Well, actually, no, you wouldn’t.

    “environmental headbangers” – very good 🙂

    “parasites” would be more appropriate, though not so amusing.

  4. Note that moonbat watermelons never, not ever, attribute AGW to something nice or yummy. What would they say about this, for example? That cyclones are fun?

  5. @Laurie Williams

    ‘ “parasites” would be more appropriate, though not so amusing.’

    However, by far most parasites are essential. I suggest “pathogens” fits. These are pathogenic parasites that are wholly destructive to the host.

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