Election 2010: Labor's implosion

Labor headquarters this afternoon

Didn’t take long for the recriminations and back-stabbing to begin. In fact, it began on election night thanks to Maxine McKew. A great advert for Julia’s plea to the independents for “stable government”, ain’t it? Andrew Bolt does the round-up:

It’s getting ugly in Labor, as scores get settled.

Defeated MP Maxine McKew on Labor’s faction chiefs and strategists:

Well, you cannot have a Labor leader removed within two months of an election for it not to have significant ramifications, so clearly that was a factor…

We kept the nation working – that’s an extraordinary achievement. But that was not the central message of our campaign – it should have been built more around jobs.

Former NSW Premier Morris Iemma on Labor campaign director Karl Bitar:

As the campaign director, Karl Bitar ought to have by now fallen on his sword and he just doesn’t have the principle to do it.

Karl Bitar on Iemma:

Iemma’s attacks on me have nothing 2 do with the fed campaign and all about his attempts to privatise electricity in NSW in 2008.

Iemma on Labor power broker and frontbencher Mark Arbib and others of the NSW Right:

They have debased the political process in NSW, they have taken their disease and infected the federal Labor Party.

There’s LOTS more. Read it here (it’s worth it). And if you haven’t seen it already, check out Wayne Swan getting whacked live on Channel 9 – priceless!



    If one does statitiscal analysis the outburts the recriminations by the ALP willl continue
    Anna bligh and kenneally blame Krudd so see there have been many many outburts
    thats why stable government will be far better served by the Coalition
    So if the independents support Gillard will she last three years? Not likely see Bill the executioner Shorten may form the view her government is off track then we will have Gillard removed so Australia needs stabilty not a train wreck that the inept infighting dysfunctional so ALP are!
    Gillard couldnot deliver a sound victory so how do we know she will deliver a sound government we have no proof of that!
    Gillard is good at springing surprises especially on men she wanted to axe eg Krudd and she did so now Australians should be wary of what comes next from Ms G who is so good at advancing her own self interest and not the national interest!
    now enjoy that PM plane Gillard because it wont last long the perks of office may soon evaporate but then again why would that surprise you see you act like you so know everything like your view Krudd was off track may have cost the ALP governmenet but no you wont admit that now would you
    see pride comes before the fall!

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