Al Gore: Australia's the way to go!

Full of climate misinformation

Not sure if Al is being serious here, but a recent blog post from Al “Three F-ing Huge Monitors” Gore [what’s the carbon footprint of that little set up? No, wait – “do what I say, not what I do”, isn’t it?] seems to indicate that he thinks Australia’s climate protests are something to be imitated, and pins the credit on his misleading “Climate Project” slide show:

Around the world, when politicians fail to act to solve the climate crisis, people are taking action:

Tens of thousands of protesters – and a few skeptics – have taken to the streets across Australia to urge the major political parties to take action on climate change.”

“Both Labor and the coalition have failed to take decisive action to cut Australia’s pollution levels in the run-up to the federal election, Walk Against Warming rallies in Australia’s capital cities heard on Sunday.”

It is my hope we see activism like this here in the United States. A special thanks goes out to those I trained in Australia to give my slide show. They played a major role in the events:

“In Sydney, Al Gore’s Climate Project presenter, Nell Schofield, attracted huge cheers when she said Australia’s lack of political action on climate change was “not only embarrassing, it is morally reprehensible”. (source)

Unfortunately for Al, the protests were a dismal failure, with numbers down yet again, as ACM reported:

MORE than 40,000 turned up in 2006, but just 10,000 people participated in the Walk Against Warming, an annual march through the city to protest against government inaction on climate change. (source)

Let’s hope the rest of the world takes Australia’s lead, just as Al wants.

(h/t Climate Change Fraud)


  1. Les Dyxic says:

    That fat, lying ecobillionaire has already setup carbon trading houses. He’s one smart #%$&, so little wonder that he’s still pushing that barrow!

  2. Its waning and I love it.
    Cant wait to never hear about this stuff again.

    Do the protesters think about the increase in CO2 output when they walk for no reason.

  3. I think the attendance at climate change rallies will be a downward facing hockey stick. I think we’ve reached the tipping point where people just aren’t going to bother.

    The pictures from Brisbane were hilarious. There were more people walking across the square to go shopping than waving placards and chanting. Empty concrete shows up so starkly on news broadcasts.

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    Fat Al. The quintessential example of a filthy green hypocrite.

    And yet the faithful flock after him like he’s promising a land made of chocolate.

  5. Les Dyxic says:

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up about this thing fizzling out…. I think the next mantra will be “Better to Err on the side of Caution”

  6. Mary mankovich says:

    People please realize this: there are nearly 8 Billion people on this planet. We use 140Million litres of oil a day. We are over populated and no leader wants to address this global problem. We have a critical problem with over population, if we dont put the brakes on, leaders will find a new war to fight because wars bring in huge revenues and stimulate economies. We MUST direct our issues to the big polluters who pull the strings of every leader no matter who gets elected.
    Visit to get a better understanding, lets be wiser than the Idiot Box. []

  7. Mary mankovich says:

    I forgot to add this: BP oil spill is causing disasters re-action on global weather, we may experience acid rain. The melting ice is creating Methane gas and rising, even worse than our polluting CO2. Where gas has been extracted now there are Sink holes and people vanished. SO in fact we are the cause of all our ills because the more of us the more we need to sustain our needs from water to electricity, food and transport and so on. Everything is a chain reaction, we are causing the problems without realizing it because the media diverts our attention with sport and more sport and more dumbness. Why are we so miserable? If government will continue to refuse to release SOLAR technologies, we have no future. So lets BOYCOTT BP and demand sustainable technologies and lead the way wisely and logically.

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