How did you hear about ACM?

The hit counter has gone off the scale today, but there isn’t the usual sign of a popular web site linking to me in my stats counter…

If you have been recommended to this site today, firstly WELCOME and I hope you enjoy your visit! But secondly, leave a comment: let me know how you found this site. It would be very interesting (and useful) for reference – thanks!

Drop by again soon…

Best wishes,



  1. I have been following the RSS for a very long time.. still do actually, but here as well as I enjoy the comments.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Well done Simon. Keep up the good work.

  3. I read every post, Simon. To borrow a phrase from you: always a great read 🙂

  4. I have been following you for some months now Simon – and look forward to continuing! Thanks for the southern hemisphere news on AGW – keep it coming!

  5. Not sure how I came across you site. Might have been Tom Nelson I think, but I’m glad I did.

    Keep up the good work!

  6. I am not sure how I discovered your blog but I administer a site – climate skeptic site in India. I have ACM’s live feeds along with other popular climate skeptic sites.

    Great job you do

  7. You know me, Simon. I just come for the hot babes. Oh, wait–that’s my site.
    Seriously, you’re doing an awesome job.
    You guys, now that the Greens have access to the control levers, are, unfortunately, where the action is. So I’ll be keeping an eye on you, Andrew Bolt ,TWAWKI, Jo Nova, et al, just as I have been since before I started my blog.
    Keep giving them hell.

  8. Bob Cherba says:

    I found your site through links on Tom Nelson’s site.

  9. Simon, interesting to note the stats counter. I reckon it was the James Lee story. I noticed you were linked in a couple of articles. Keep up the good work Mate, it’s tough right now with to carbonistas holding the country to ransom.

  10. Why, Tom Nelson, of course. He’s like a bot scouring the net for all stories and blog posts talking of “climate change.”

  11. found you guys through iluvco2 website

  12. Doug Baines says:

    Directed from Jo Nova or Andrew Bolt a couple of months ago, and have been a regular visitor (usually daily) ever since. I usually agree with you wholeheartedly. I hope the anti-CAGW view soon prevails in the wider community and the political arena. The alternative is too horrendous to contemplate.
    Regards, Doug

  13. Stephen Brown says:

    I’ve been visiting for a long time, I keep up with a number of Antipodean blogs to see how our down-under cousins are doing.
    Sad that the elections didn’t sweep the stables clean.

  14. I found you via Jo Novas site, which I found from wuwt, which I found from TAV when the emails leaked. I never paid much attention before that, and bought into the consensus. All I can say is thanks for putting this info out in the face of overwhelming criticism, and I’m glad the reefs, islands, coasts, glaciers etc. are in fact doing relatively fine. If you don’t get exposed to the science yourself it’s easy to believe the armageddon scenario the media is in love with. Without the ‘net and blogs such as yours I would still have a pessimistic outlook on the next century.

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