Christopher Booker on the IPCC

Christopher Booker

For those of you who don’t know, Christopher Booker is a columnist in the UK Telegraph and with an irresistible combination of wit, clarity and a razor-sharp intellect, invariably talks nothing but absolute common sense. He is healthily sceptical of the AGW scaremongers (and has written books on the subject) and this week takes apart the crumbling edifice that is the IPCC:

When, some years ago, I began the research for my book The Real Global Warming Disaster, nothing surprised me more than discovering how widely the nature of the IPCC is misunderstood. It is invariably portrayed as a body representing the top scientists in the world, objectively weighing the complex forces that shape Earth’s climate. In reality, it’s nothing of the kind.

The men who set up the panel – led by its first chairman Bert Bolin, a Swedish meteorologist, and John Houghton, then head of the UK Met Office and first chairman of the IPCC’s scientific working group – were already believers in what they called “human-induced climate change”. The IPCC was, from the start, essentially a political pressure group, producing evidence to support the view that global warming was the most serious crisis facing the planet. This guided the selection of all the key scientists chosen to compile the IPCC’s findings (such as those involved in the Climategate affair). And this explains all the searching questions that have built up around its hugely influential reports ever since.

Read it here.

P.S. John McLean has written a superb exposé of the inherent bias of the IPCC: Climate Science Corrupted. Download the PDF (600KB) here – it is an eye-opening read.


  1. What I find sad is that politicians blindly follow the IPCC, despite its one-way street agenda.

    If you set up a group with a pre-conceived notion, and no mission to find anything else, that’s all they’re ever going to find.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    The whole CAGW movement was set in motion a couple of decades ago by questionable individuals with very questionable motive. It now has a life of it’s own as summed up very nicely indeed by Dr. Denis Rancourt who succinctly describes it as a “corrupt social phenomenon” The Dr has nailed this issue as far as I’m concerned.

    As it’s a social phenomenon it has naturally become a political phenomenon and one is feeding off the other.

    Heaven help us…

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    Is this where we’re heading?

    The blind hatred in this kids eyes is very very concerning.

  4. Vernon Goddard says:

    There does seem to be a political bias in the work of the IPCC but perhaps one should not be surprised given how it was set up and the way it is governed. The aspect of the IPCC which is worrying is the way it claims through its publications and research an expert & certain view of how Global Warming may unfold over the next few decades. This “certainty” is unnerving given that it can’t be sustained by the evidence which is mixed and often contradictory. It would be more accurate if the IPCC declared the extent to which its work is “modelled” and rather uncertain.

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