Election 2010: Gutless, witless independents hand power to Gillard

I’m excluding Bob Katter, because, maverick that he is, he did at least support the Coalition (as his electorate would expect him to). The other two wet weekends were blinded by climate change and broadband, the two biggest non-issues of the election, and thereby hand power to Gillard. And did you hear Oakeshott’s self-indulgent speech? What a joke! Even the journos couldn’t stand it – they were groaning in the background. And it doesn’t take long for the real agenda to come out:

When asked by a journalist why he didn’t back the Coalition, Tony Windsor admitted with a grin, “because they’d be more likely to win if they did go back to the polls”.

When asked how he could back a government that’s less likely to win, Windsor stated that they’d “be more likely to be here a longer time if they can’t go to the polls and win in a hurry”, with Oakeshot interjecting, “They’ve got more to lose”.

In other words, Oakeshot and Windsor admit they are defying what the nation (including their own conservative electorates) and propping up one of the most incompetent and unstable governments in Australia’s history, which has been massively repudiated by voters, has suffered a savage swing – in seats, first and second preference votes and its legitimacy – in order to preserve their power for as long as possible. (source)

So, fellow Australians, we can look forward to a rag-bag coalition, the Greens on the levers of power, an NBN cock-up to rival or exceed the BER cock-up or the pink batts cock-up, importantly for this blog, an emissions trading scheme or a carbon tax, a mining tax, and god alone knows what other disastrous policies for this country. Good luck, Australia.


  1. I am in shock and disbelief at Oakeshot and Windsor’s decision to back Labor and believe after hearing their responses to why they didn’t back the Coalition that in the interests of the nation, Australia should have had the opportunity to go back to the polls rather than let these two simpering idiots decide the fate of Australia’s economy for the next 3 years. What an absolute joke these two are! I am furious.

    Bob Katter, was the only one of the three that instilled confidence and faith that he would do the right thing for his electorate. He did supported his electorate and was not blind sided by non issues like ‘Dumb and Dumber”. Watching these two carry on during the press conference they gave yesterday made me want to be sick “Group Hug”! What an absolute joke. I can not express how disappointed and let down I feel.

    The lack of faith Gillard’s government is evident from the polls, why is she still here based on the decision of two short sighted and witless idiots.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Tony Abbott and the Libs need to sit back now and watch this incompetent bunch of fools self destruct. Hopefully they won’t be able to inflict too much damage while they do. It will certainly be interesting to watch even if painful. Much like a fatal car accident.

    I can tell you one thing. I won’t be watching Gillards victory speech. I don’t have the stomach for it…

    and I have a strong stomach…

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    I see Bolta’s blog’s gone ballistic on this, complete with plenty of mindless gloating by the leftoids. What a surprise.


  4. Laurie Williams says:

    Well said Simon. Right on the button. Loaded Dog you are right too. Tony Abbott & Co will have a magnificent win in 3 years, or much less, by simply hanging in and not misbehaving too much.
    I’ll be interested to see what difference the long delay before the Senate change makes, particularly to the sole Greens member in the House of Reps. No doubt, being a career polly now, he will be happy enough in his cushy position of little or no responsibility, but I wonder how much more pushy he will be, as part of government, from July next year. Maybe he would prefer to see some greenie stuff delayed until then, so it can be banged through with fuller effect. I hope so – that would give reason more time to prevail and the population a bit longer to see the scam exposed.

  5. Laurie Williams says:

    Gillard on 7:30 report tonight effectively said she aims for a climate change committee stacked with yes men. Just like the IPCC – a biased front for the result intended in the first place. And there I was, thinking and hoping that just maybe she had not fallen for the scam. Not fallen for it? Before long she may be one of the world’s greatest drivers of it, and most vocal, in that lovely voice. Now I’ve got so much egg on my face I look like a girl at the end of a Peter North movie.

  6. Laurie Williams says:

    ‎7:30 Report transcript
    Gillard: “But what I would like to see from that committee is that we can genuinely include, across the Parliament, people who believe climate change is real and who believe we will only reduce carbon pollution and meet our 2020 targets if we price carbon. And then with all of those people in the room, we’d work through to look for the points of agreement.”

  7. Gregory James Byrne says:

    I am disappointed in the response of the independents and I expect a massive backlash against them. I think that they have tarnished their reputations big time and I think that next time around their parliamentary careers are over. I don’t think that they have heeded the wishes of their own supporters.

  8. The Loaded Dog says:

    “in that lovely voice”????

    You are joking aren’t you Laurie? Of course you are.

    I’m waiting for the guest appearance on Kath and Kim. Gillard could play Kaths sister……very convincingly…

    In the meantime sit back and enjoy folk, we are about to witness the machinations of the most impotent government in Australian political history

  9. First, we need reform of the electoral processes, which I understand, cannot be undertaken until the govt is formed after which the Joint Select Committee has to meet to consider all objections/recommendations to the current system which is so backward and antiquated. Fancy having to wait all these extra weeks for COUNTING of postal votes to finish! It is bad enough that the fate of the country had to hang out for the ‘decisions’ of three men, but it all could have been sorted much earlier if the voting set-up was EFFICIENT and an earlier cut-off time was established for postal voters. This proposed reform is just the beginning, however. The LNP won the election on primary votes. This should be the end of it; they should be in government. We need a reform of the voting system, which I note has not been mentioned over the past weeks of agony and irritation. To think we have the ugly shiftless Labor party in power after all this, is intolerable.

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