CANdo – Conservative Action Network

Conservative Action Network

In the words of Senator Cory Bernardi, the driving force behind the new organisation, “a cross between the US Tea Party and GetUp!”.

CANdo is Australia’s grassroots Conservative Action Network.

CANdo is committed to bringing conservatives together who share a vision that limited government, lower taxes, free enterprise and traditional values will build a stronger Australia.

By joining CANdo you are linking with fellow conservatives to share information, engage in discussion and inspire action.

There is a Climate Coalition group within CANdo for issues concerning climate change.

Visit CANdo here and sign up!


  1. I have to laugh at the irony of this organisations catch phrase: CAN do

    Check out their page – “Stop this..” “Disband that..” “Say NO to..”

    More like “CAN’t do”

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    @Dave N

    Check out their page – “Stop this..” “Disband that..” “Say NO to..”

    Sort of like Obama’s “Yes we can” eh?

    Yes we can what?

    Wreck the global economy?

    I think it’s probably high time to say NO to lunacy…

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