CANdo – Conservative Action Network

Conservative Action Network

In the words of Senator Cory Bernardi, the driving force behind the new organisation, “a cross between the US Tea Party and GetUp!”.

CANdo is Australia’s grassroots Conservative Action Network.

CANdo is committed to bringing conservatives together who share a vision that limited government, lower taxes, free enterprise and traditional values will build a stronger Australia.

By joining CANdo you are linking with fellow conservatives to share information, engage in discussion and inspire action.

There is a Climate Coalition group within CANdo for issues concerning climate change.

Visit CANdo here and sign up!

Bravo! Minchin, Bernardi savage climate alarmism

Nick Minchin

As this deluded Labor government rushes to commit economic suicide by putting a price on carbon [dioxide] next year, Nick Minchin and Cory Bernardi are virtually the only politicians in this twisted, politically correct world brave enough to call out the climate scam for what it is. As the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

THE Liberal senator Nick Minchin has told the organiser of a policy conference how ”appalled” he was that one of its themes referred to Australia’s ”necessary transition to a low-carbon future”.

In a letter to the head of the Global Foundation, Steve Howard, Senator Minchin said the theme – discussed at the foundation’s Australian Unlimited conference in June – sounded like something produced by ”an extreme green group”.

”Your language does not even make any sense. What do you mean by ‘a low carbon future’? Do you mean carbon dioxide and if you do why don’t you say so?” Senator Minchin wrote. He was ”shocked” to see the report referring to carbon dioxide as ”pollution … which you must know is a gross misrepresentation of a clear odourless gas vital to life on Earth”.

But you have to realise, calling it “carbon pollution” is all part of the media/government ploy to mislead the unsuspecting public. Bernardi on the other hand has the guts to question the science, and isn’t afraid of the inevitable “denier” response from the government:

On his blog yesterday Senator Bernardi, who is Mr Abbott’s parliamentary secretary, wrote that Australia should be having an inquiry into whether there were any ”scientific facts” to back the ”climate change alarm”, rather than talking about policy solutions for the ‘‘non-problem of anthropogenic carbon dioxide”.

”Thousands of people are making billions of dollars out of a pseudoscientific racket that has conned millions of people around the world. We cannot allow it to continue any longer,” he wrote.

After all the climate nonsense spouted by Gillard, Combet and their ilk, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

Read it here.

Cory Bernardi – Petition against Copenhagen Treaty

copenhagen-treaty-petition-400x144Senator Cory Bernardi has launched a petition against the signing by Australia of the Copenhagen Treaty (although all the indications are that there won’t be anything signed in Copenhagen).

Click the image to vote.

Cory Bernardi's letter to colleagues

Via Andrew Bolt. South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi sets out the painful sacrifices we will make if Australia signs a binding treaty at Copenhagen:

Dear colleagues

As some of you may be aware, the Rudd Government, is being asked to sign a treaty at the Copenhagen climate conference. Most Australians know nothing about the consequences of our nation agreeing to this draft treaty.

The detail of the draft treaty has been hidden away and only now are we becoming aware of the implications for our economy, society and sovereignty if Australia signs it in a month’s time.

By signing this treaty, we are effectively putting aspects of Australia’s sovereignty, economy and future prosperity in the hands of an unelected body that is not accountable to the Australian people.

On 3 November I raised questions about the draft treaty on my blog and the initial potential $7 billion annual cost to taxpayers. In response I have received hundreds of emails from all over Australia expressing their concerns.

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