UK madness: "greenest government ever"

William Hague the Younger

And they say it as if it’s something to be proud of! Personally, I wouldn’t be proud of associating myself with an anti-human Marxist ideology, which would demolish our hard-won Western standards of living, with everyone sitting in the dark because the reliable coal- and gas-fired power stations have been abandoned, and the windmills are standing becalmed – a monument to environmental stupidity, with people shivering in their homes, unable to afford to pay their energy bills.

And that isn’t just hyperbole, the UK has committed itself to cutting its emissions by some astronomical figure like 80% by 2050, so the lights going off is a real possibility.

But UK Foreign Minister William Hague, who I remember making a cringe-making speech at a Tory conference in the 1980s as a precocious teenager (see photo), and who is visiting Australia at the moment, thinks that being the greenest government ever is something to aspire to:

The most senior minister from the Conservative-led British coalition Government to visit Australia will today lay out his nation’s ambitious plan to combat climate change, as debate continues over whether global warming has contributed to devastating floods in several states. [Have to drop that in of course, this is the Canberra Times, after all – Ed]

Foreign Affairs Minister William Hague will deliver two speeches in Sydney where he will promote British Prime Minister David Cameron’s vision for his coalition administration to be the “greenest government ever”.

In contrast, the Federal Government’s policy is unclear and Prime Minister Julia Gillard is waiting for a committee to recommend whether to proceed with an emissions trading scheme or adopt a carbon tax.

That’s nonsense. The Federal government’s policy IS clear – a price on carbon during this parliament – and equally idiotic as the UK’s policy.

The communique issued after the talks said that both governments were committed to ”promoting swift action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions” at home and overseas.

”Action on climate change is urgent and cannot wait for the signature of an international treaty,” it said. (source)

And it will do nothing for the climate. Pointless environmental tokenism at its worst.

UPDATE: Irony of ironies, the European carbon market (of which the UK is a part) has had to be suspended because of fears of yet another massive fraud (read here). Why can’t Julia and her hopeless Labor government see what’s coming? They don’t need a crystal ball, just look at the UK.


  1. When we have got a demented fanatical eco warrior such as Chris “windmill” Huhne as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change we will be in trouble, far from being a logical & rational thinker & his failier to grasp the simple concept of “no wind no power” he plods on regardless, he showed his eco bias at a climate change rally in 2007 where he is screaming like a banshee on speed while all his fellow yoghurt knitters are lapping it up with glee, (

    They are certainly the greenest alright as in the context of being clueless, stupid & gullible.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    “as debate continues over whether global warming has contributed to devastating floods in several states.”

    As debate continues?


    Where is this debate?

    Fancy trying to label speculation by desperate fantasists as debate. Even their learned priestly leaders aren’t that daft.

    “And it will do nothing for the climate. Pointless environmental tokenism at its worst.”

    The same line of thought was put to Bandt last night by Luke Grant on MTR. Bandt could not even entertain the possibility that it was a totally pointless exercise “pricing carbon” when it would result in no change at all to the climate.

    He did dribble on about how we could set an example to other countries though.

    Please, how is it possible to choke back the bile when people like Bandt are spruiking their high level virtue?

    So let me get this straight. While our economy is destroyed and our standard of living is plummeting we have the high honour of being seen to be doing the “right thing” – whether you subscribe to the dogma or not.


  3. Julia could also look at Europe as to why carbon markets are a bad idea, but then that would require her losing her ignorance, which is the same for Combet and most of the rest of her government.

  4. This is a good thing. Global Warming is a religion, and religions are never “resolved” by debate. Eventually all this posturing and talking has to stop and someone has to take “action” – which in turn will destroy their economy, reduce their population to third world peasant status and likely expose them to foreign attack and conquest (if for no other reason than to restore the electricity and lift the wretches out of their misery). Then – and only then – will we have an example to others of what NOT to do. Who better than the English to take on this Quixotic task? Bravo!

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “Global Warming is a religion, and religions are never “resolved” by debate. Eventually all this posturing and talking has to stop and someone has to take “action”….

      “Take action” sort of like this guy and his religion you mean?

      • Exactly my point. No amount of logical argument is ever going to sway these AGW religious zealots from the “one true path”. You would think that the past couple of freezing cold early winters in the northern hemisphere would have given them some cause for reconsideration. But no – they simply “fine tune” the religion to accommodate a new reality: Global Warming means more colder winters. Global Warming meas more floods, etc.

        The only end game that I can see is that eventually one jurisdiction goes full on and implements the prescription that is advocated by these loonies. Of course, the outcome will be horrific and the damage unimaginable – but at least then the rest of the punters will finally sit up and take notice. It’ll give them something to think about while they are trying to keep warm.

        If they also drag a few of these idiots out of their ivory towers and comfortable parliamentary suites and string them up by their nuts, then that will be a bonus as well. But at least this whole charade of “green energy” and “sustainable economies” will be put to bed – a sort of “Klimat macht frei” epiphany, you might say.

        Currently, there is no end game to the endless debate. My earlier point was that if any country had to serve as the crucible for such an experiment – a country where ignorance, stupidity and apathy was at such historic levels as to benefit from such an experience – that country is the UK.

  5. So true. In a speech last year Hague said “Climate change is perhaps the twenty-first century’s biggest foreign policy challenge”

    Nevermind about North Korea and the spread of nuclear weapons. Nevermind about the threat of terrorism. Nevermind about Somalian pirates. He thinks changes of a few tenths of a degree in globally averaged temperature anomaly are the biggest threat to the UK. Despite the fact there have been no changes this century.

    It beggars belief. And he’s the UK Foreign Secretary – in charge of all foreign policy. Can you believe it?

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