ACM on Melbourne's MTR 1377 with Luke Grant – tonight

MTR 1377

Tune in to Luke Grant’s show on Melbourne Talk Radio (MTR 1377) to hear a chat with Simon about the floods and Victorian Governor David de Kretser’s comments on climate change. If you’re in Melbourne, do tune in from 8pm (not sure when it’s going out yet), or you can listen online at:


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Checked the show out but almost had to switch off after hearing Adam Bandt, whose circular pointless ranting made me want to throw up….

    What an clueless, ideological, latte sipping fool.

    The common sense questions asked by Luke Grant quickly cornered him but he seemed to have NO idea he was cornered, which in my mind demonstrates quite clearly that he’s totally blinded to reason by his ideals.

    Heard your interview Simon, it was very good and covered the common sense basics such as geological time. It would have been great if you had the chance to confront Bandt though. Oh well, perhaps next time. But well done anyway.

  2. Is there a recording available? I don’t seem to be able to find one on the MTR 1377 site

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