Green Climate Monster to cause "more natural disasters": expert

Blamed for more extreme weather

Look, he actually says global warming and greenhouse gases (which he refers to as if they are just two sides of the same coin, rather than totally independent phenomena) but readers of this blog know better. The Green Climate Monster causes all these natural disasters and severe weather events, but people haven’t woken up to the fact yet. Give it time.

An expert says Australia will see a higher incidence of extreme weather events like the flooding in Queensland.

Global Change Professor Peter Grace from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) says greenhouse gases and global warning are contributing factors, whether people want to accept it or not.

He says it will not happen tomorrow, but it will happen in years to come and people will come to know major flooding. [Like they “came to know” the severe flooding in 1893 and 1974, before the global warming scare was more than a twinkle in Bert Bolin’s eye – Ed]

“We will have an increased frequency of quite major events similar to what we had, particularly the flooding event in south-east Queensland,” he said. [I mean, has he actually looked at the flood records for SEQ? – Ed] (source)

Perhaps Professor Grace could let us know what climate signal or weather phenomena would demonstrate that the Green Climate Monster wasn’t to blame…

We can’t stop the Green Climate Monster – he will just keep on doing whatever he wants. All we can do is adapt and prepare for it – and look at history to remind ourselves (we have very short memories) that nothing that’s happened in the last few weeks, tragic though it is, can possibly be regarded as unprecedented, even just taking into account our tiny record of 150 years, let alone in any longer timescale.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    What a surprise that this is being reported on the ABC…

  2. “Perhaps Professor Grace could let us know what climate signal or weather phenomena would demonstrate that the Green Climate Monster wasn’t to blame”

    I’d sure like to know the answer to that one, and why they said squat in 1996 when the AGW scare was already in full swing.

  3. How does Professor Peter Grace’s predictions differ from what is described here:

    “Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits which affect the lives of the living. Shamans require individualized knowledge and special abilities. Many shamans operate alone, although some take on an apprentice. Shamans can gather into associations, as Indian tantric practitioners have done.”

  4. rukidding says:

    Is that the young Mr Grace.:-)

    The Green Climate Monster.He’s everywhere,He’s everywhere

  5. Mangled logic must surely be a distinguishing hallmark of climate alarmism and Prof Grace comes close to spouting the best example. Asked for his analysis of flooding north of Brisbane in 2009 he came up with this head scratcher:
    “…while last week’s rain was not the direct result of climate change, it was an indication of what global warming could do.”


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