Climate sense from Miranda Devine


Climate sense

In her inimitable style, Miranda Devine exposes the lunacy of the green policies that are putting lives at risk:

Eco-catastrophists always cite the precautionary principle: if they are right and we don’t reduce CO2 emissions, we face Armageddon. If they are wrong, all it costs is dollars.

But when money is allocated and attention prioritised to making contingency plans for vague hypothetical scenarios in the distant future, real priorities are neglected and real risks overlooked.

When leaders proclaim climate change as the greatest moral challenge, the entire machinery of government becomes preoccupied with the busy work of solving an imaginary problem. It is then easily blindsided by a real emergency.

This all-too-human phenomenon of selective attention is depicted in the famous psychology experiment with a gorilla. Volunteers have to watch a video showing a group of people passing a ball and count the number of times the ball changes hands. Most people concentrate so hard on the ball they don’t notice the big gorilla that walks through the middle of the screen.

We have been so busy fretting about carbon dioxide that we have neglected the real challenge — how to adapt and protect ourselves from natural disasters. (source)

And on a similar subject, Marc at ABC News Watch shows just how “unprecedented” the current floods really are:

Of note are the following headlines from the Sydney Morning Herald February-March 1893: “Trememdous downpour in Toowoomba” “Terrible Floods in Queensland, “Floods in the Tweed District, “Flood in the Clarence“, “Floods expected in the Hunter“, “Grafton Flooded“, “The flood in the Richmond“, “Another terrible flood in Brisbane“, “Lismore Flooded“,  “A flood at Bowral“, “Heavy Flood at Bega“, “Great Flood at Branxton“, “Disastrous Flood at Maitland“, “Great Floods in New Zealand“.

There’s waaaay more… here.


  1. rukidding says:

    Yes it is nice to see more people speaking out about the waste involved with climate change.
    How much would be save by shutting down the department of climate change and if we could get all the experts in the BOM to just be able to tell us what the weather is going to be for the next few months.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    Most people concentrate so hard on the ball computer models they don’t notice the big gorilla Green Climate Monster that walks through the middle of the screen.

    Err, made a couple of slight alterations – in light of recent findings of course…..

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