Simon on "6pm with George Negus" – tonight

6pm with George Negus

Just to let readers know that a short interview with Simon on the recent Queensland flooding and links to climate change will be broadcast TONIGHT at 6pm on Channel Ten, as part of George Negus’ new 6pm show.

It will probably be available on the 6pm website in due course.


  1. Hi Simon,

    Here is some reference material for your interview with George Negus – in case you haven’t already seen it.

    Good Luck!

    • Hi Bruce, it was pre-recorded last week, so it’s all in the can already! Hope it is edited sympathetically, although I have my doubts…

      • I’m guessing it was pruned significantly. You were on screen for what? About 10 seconds?

        I wasn’t surprised re: their ocean temps bit. They didn’t mention what they’ve been like in the weeks prior to the floods occurring.

        Also no surprise that Will Steffen appeared, but he has been severely smacked down in the past by Jo Nova (I think… Might have been someone else and/or others)

  2. Thanks, Simon.. Looking forward to it!

  3. All I can say is Negus’ journalism was ‘worser’ than his grammar.

  4. See my post on this here.


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