Media hypocrisy: Wikileaks good, Climategate bad

Double standards...?

More journalistic double standards in our balanced media. Fairfax loves to defend Julian Assange, darling of the Left, for the release of the Wikileaks material, but is far more reticent about defending those who were responsible for the release of the Climategate emails.

Sunday Age editorial, 12 December 2010

Julian Assange and the public’s right to know

WikiLeaks, acting with newspapers around the world including The Age and The Sunday Age, is publishing information that makes governments uncomfortable. This action affirms the role of the media, which have a duty to expose the secret machinations of those who wield power. In the US, the chairman of the Senate homeland security committee, Joe Lieberman, has suggested that because it published some of the leaked information The New York Times might be subject to criminal investigation. This would breach the First Amendment protecting freedom of the press.

So leaks of intelligence that may damage national security is fine, because it is the duty of a journalist to “expose the secret machinations of those who wield power.”

The IPCC and climate scientists around the world also wield power. Lots of it. National governments are on the verge of turning their economies upside down on the basis of the IPCC’s dire predictions for the climate if emissions are not drastically reduced. How would The Age respond to exposing the “secret machinations” of the IPCC? Very differently, of course.

When Climategate 2.0 broke this week, The Age was more interested in the opinion of Phil Jones, one of the alleged “victims” of the leak, rather than staunchly supporting the release of the emails themselves:

The Age, 24 November 2011

Climatologist speaks out after new leak

The British climatologist ensnared in a major new email leak has taken his case to the public, arguing that he and his colleagues’ comments have again been taken out of context.

The University of East Anglia’s Phil Jones was one of the major players in the controversy that erupted two years ago over the publication of emails which caught prominent scientists stonewalling critics and attacking them in sometimes vitriolic terms.

The University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit is one of the world’s leading centres for the study of how world temperatures have varied over time [not any more – Ed], and Jones came under particular scrutiny following the 2009 disclosures – even receiving death threats over allegations that he was a leading a conspiracy to hype the dangers of climate change.

Jones and his colleagues have since been vindicated by a series of independent investigations, but the university’s reputation has been dented by criticism that it refused to share data with sceptics.

Jones said that his “heart did sink a bit” when he heard about the most recent leak, which apparently consists of old messages held back the first time around. (source)

A quick Google search of “Wikileaks” at “” produces 15,400 results. A similar search of “Climategate” produces just 330, barely 2% of the coverage given to Wikileaks. Fairfax also invariably refers to the release of the Climategate emails as a “hacking”, in order to taint it with illegality or criminal behaviour. Naturally, Fairfax also avoids giving prominence to the story because it challenges one of their preset agendas, that of the reality of dangerous man-made climate change.

So instead of robustly defending the release of the emails as a “journalistic duty”, Fairfax pens a teary piece about the “victims”, including rehashing the non-story of the “death threats” in order to garner sympathy for the scientists whose confidences have been betrayed. Such a stark contrast.

Article in Spectator Australia: "Defining Denial"

Spectator Australia

ACM editor Simon has an article in The Spectator Australia today. It considers the use of the term “denial” as a blunt instrument to silence dissent in the climate debate.

It is available in the shops here in Australia today, Friday, and I will post a link when it is available online.

Huge thanks to editor Tom Switzer for the opportunity.

The Left's policies of censorship and indoctrination

Stephen Conroy, er, hang on…

Censorship and indoctrination are two ugly sides of the same coin. The Left has infiltrated the education system in Australia to such an extent that students emerge from schools and universities with a twisted world-view based on half-baked Marxist preaching, environmental extremism, cultural relativism, post-modernism and a black armband view of their own history and culture.

They have been taught to abandon the canon of Western literature and scientific achievement, to hate the United States and Israel (naturally), ignore and abandon the Judeo-Christian traditions of Western civilisation and eschew the benefits of market driven economies, and instead celebrate the numerous failures of socialism and multiculturalism, glorify underachievement and mediocrity as a result of an “equality of outcomes” based approach, sympathise with the Palestinian “struggle”, and, of course, support action on global warming and other green/Left ideologies.

It takes years, and possibly decades, of experience and maturity for many (but by no means all) to realise that the world they learned about in school bears little resemblance to reality, and is a world viewed through a distorted red/green prism.

All the while, the Left can stand proudly by and watch entire generations of young people pop out into society as virtual automatons pre-programmed to accept their dangerous ideologies and policies.

But wait, we can’t have this… Some media organisations aren’t playing the game! They actually have the gall to challenge the system which we have so carefully constructed, with subversive articles which expose the failures and hypocrisy of the Left! The people are thinking for themselves – this is not acceptable. The people must only think what we tell them to think. Despite the fact that we have the ALP-BC and Fairfax to spread our propaganda (which they do very well thank you), their influence is waning so rapidly that there is a danger of losing control of the message. But then a miracle occurred…

And Lo! There came from the Land of Murdoch a phone-hacking scandal! And verily did the Left rejoice! “This is perfect timing”, they said unto themselves! “We can use this as an excuse to bully and harass the heretics from the Land of Murdoch and suppress any dissent! We must have an “inquiry” into those dangerous media organisations, with terms of reference vague enough to allow us to damage them sufficiently to prevent them from spreading their misrepresentations whilst appearing at all times that we are being even handed and fair.

And thus was born Labor’s inquiry into the hate media (© Bob Brown).

And if that wasn’t enough, it might cover blogs like this one as well. From Stephen Conroy’s press conference (no link):


But you’d also have to define who could be complained about and what the penalities would be once they were complained about? A tweeter, a blogger, a…


Well, as you said. Now you’re canvassing areas that I think will be richly canvassed in the inquiry, and these are the sort of… these are, the questions is… you’re asking all the legitimate questions.

Imagine the surprise – there was I thinking Stalinism had died out, only to find it alive and well and living in Canberra.

[thanks to Gunna]

AUDIO: Simon on MTR 1377 with Luke Grant

Simon discusses Tim Flannery’s appointment as “climate commissioner” with Luke Grant. There is an excellent introduction by Luke, and I am on around the 4 minute mark:


This interview is also available on the Media page (see tab top left).

Simon on Melbourne Talk Radio (MTR 1377)

Luke Grant interviews Simon about the bias in the media, and in particular in relation to tonight’s Channel Ten “6pm with George Negus.”

The Daily Mail article about BBC bias can be found here.


Simon on "6pm with George Negus" – tonight

6pm with George Negus

Just to let readers know that a short interview with Simon on the recent Queensland flooding and links to climate change will be broadcast TONIGHT at 6pm on Channel Ten, as part of George Negus’ new 6pm show.

It will probably be available on the 6pm website in due course.

MTR 1377 interview on YouTube

Last night’s interview with Luke Grant is now on ACM’s YouTube channel (link), and is also on the new ACM Media page (link).

ACM on Melbourne's MTR 1377 with Luke Grant – tonight

MTR 1377

Tune in to Luke Grant’s show on Melbourne Talk Radio (MTR 1377) to hear a chat with Simon about the floods and Victorian Governor David de Kretser’s comments on climate change. If you’re in Melbourne, do tune in from 8pm (not sure when it’s going out yet), or you can listen online at:

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