Polar bears "having fewer cubs due to global warming"

Creating the next IPCC report?

Various other commitments means not much going on at Climate Madness Towers today, so I thought I’d post a cuddly polar bear story. You have to hand it to the warmists, they never give up. Even when the general public are sick to the back teeth with hippies banging on about polar bears, they still insist on doing it. Even the bears themselves are sick of it, I expect. From the UK’s moonbat Telegraph and the even moonbattier Louise Gray:

Researchers at the University of Alberta looked at how melting sea ice in the 1990s effected [sic] the breeding success of polar bears.

During the spring and summer months the females are hunting seals on the ice to build up energy for the autumn and winter when they will hibernate for up to eight months and give birth.

The study found the early melting of the ice made it more difficult for the bears to hunt seals successfully and build up energy.

Therefore there is less chance of a successful pregnancy.

In the early 1990s 28 per cent of energy-deprived pregnant polar bears in the Hudson Bay region failed to have even a single cub. (source)

The comments are far more entertaining, like this one from torch12volt:

Time is flying by, the cut and paste queen is at it again, more drivel, still never let the truth get in the way of a very weak story.

Now the Telegraph looks up to Hello as a shining example of quality journalism.


  1. Shirley-Ann Cocks via Facebook says:

    Oh dear – could it not be the females are “frigid”.!!!!

    Oh for goodness sake, next they will be trying to say that is why our population is expanding so rapidly (according to them)!!! Idiots!

    Don’t they get it yet????
    No one believes you any more……………………….!!!!!!!

  2. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    Polar bears love to eat humans. Especially idiots who have University papers.

  3. I like the last part of Rutherford’s comment:

    “What has the overall population done in the past 30 years Lou? gone up or down??”

    Wonder if she’ll answer? Not holding my breath to find out.

  4. Pablo Ureta Amascual IV via Facebook says:

    It’s “Climate Change” now and not Global Warming people. With all the snow falling down we will all look stupid to everyone every time we use “Global Warming.” At least if it gets warm again it is still considered Climate Change! So stop using Global Warming anymore! Al Gore will get mad at you for not listening. LoL

  5. The Loaded Dog says:

    Can someone help?

    What is that little dark thing in the snow under the polar bear’s tail?

    I can’t quite make out what it is but for some strange reason when I noticed it I instantly thought of Al Gore.

  6. The Loaded Dog says:

    Oh, by the way Simon, thanks for your tireless efforts in running this blog.

    I am sure I speak for all of your readers (a couple of trolls excepted) in expressing gratitude for your informative and amusing posts; and also the task of moderating the many comments.

    Specific thanks are due for the huge task of moderating the comments on your post “Greens blame Yasi on “climate change” which had a total of 92 comments. (last time I checked)

    There must have been a denier alert as there were quite a few trolls dribbling all over the comments field; but they were rather taken care of I feel.

    Once again, many thanks…and don’t wear yourself out.

    We enjoy your work immensely.


    • Thanks TLD, and thanks for your contribution to the discussions on ACM!


    • Hear hear!

    • That post was just getting fun and they all lost interest and took their comments elsewhere. I guess another denier alert must have gone out over the green batphone. ‘Mobilise! People with a different opinion! Trot out the tired comments, the false metaphors, the lecturing, hectoring and name calling!’

    • We enjoy your work immensely

      Absolutely. Appreciated all the more because the warrior is privately funded!

  7. I thought is was Climate Disruption now. Look how it has effected all the Polar Bears in the the Antarctic too. Better send those University Grads and Al Gore to check it out.. and maybe Hansen too…

  8. Carol Adams via Facebook says:

    That poor polar bear looks like it is suffering from severe constipation..

  9. He may have eaten too many greenies and they gave him a guts ache, they give them to us and we don’t eat them, we only have to listen to them to get one

  10. @Shirley they have already said we are overpopulated

  11. From the UK’s moonbat Telegraph

    Conceivably, this is the type of story that is grist to the mill for James Delingpole at the UK Telegraph. I doubt that a conflict of interest would cut ice with James any more than it does with Tim Blair at our Telegraph or Andrew Bolt at the Herald Sun. Right now, James is preoccupied with green lunacy on other fronts:

    (1) A well-heeled confidant of tomatoes who wants to reverse economic growth (ours, not his) and

    (2) That enemy of the UK economy, Westminster, intent on “assessing” shale gas as a new economically viable energy source. Among those to be consulted by the Government are Virgin (headed of course by “scrub CO2 from the atmosphere” Branson), Green Fund, Climate Change Capital (ha ha), Greenpeace, WWF, and Friends of the Earth!

    All things considered, will history recognise this era as the New Dark Age?


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