ABC stews in fetid warmist juices

Groupthink rules

The bias of the ABC knows no bounds, especially when it comes to climate change. Maurice Newman’s complaint that the organisation displayed “groupthink” on such matters has gone totally unheeded, as is evidenced by a report on severe weather and the link to climate change on last night’s Lateline (link). I’m not even going to bother to review what was said – that, in the circumstances, is wholly unnecessary. All that needs to be considered is the list of contributors:

  1. Tony Jones Presenter of Lateline. Well, we all know Tony’s history on climate. This is the man who felt he had to caveat a broadcast of The Great Global Warming Swindle, and it’s common knowledge that he’s a fully paid-up warmist.
  2. Margot O’Neill O’Neill was the reporter on the piece in question, and we all know her history too. Back in late 2009, she wrote an alarmist blog on the ABC entitled Countdown to Copenhagen, which praised the efforts of the global community to “tackle climate change”, and smeared anyone who challenged the consensus (see here and here).
  3. Matthew England Well known warmist scientist –  see hereherehere and here.
  4. Andy Pitman Well known warmist scientist – see here for a classic Pitman piece.
  5. David Karoly Well known warmist scientist, in fact ACM’s “favourite” warmist scientist, completes the quintet – see here, here, here, here, etc, etc…

Five true climate change believers. Count them. FIVE. So where was the dissenting view for balance? Where was the scientist putting the valid points that nothing we have seen in the last few weeks is in any way unprecedented, and is simply a result of natural weather variation? Where was the scientist showing that flood records and cyclone records have shown no change in frequency or severity in the last 150 years (or if anything a slight decrease in frequency)? Where was the scientist explaining the link between La Niña and the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation, which resulted in the heavy rainfalls in Queensland? Where was anybody saying anything to question the orthodoxy presented here?

Answer: nowhere to be seen. Because the ABC is infected with the most virulent form of climate groupthink, just as Maurice Newman said. And they haven’t learnt a thing.

Their ABC, paid for by your taxes.

(h/t Graham)


  1. Pitman’s assertion is apparently that all computer models are to be trusted. Good luck with that, Andy.

  2. Lew Skannen says:

    Well said. I am glad that there are people out there ready to maintain the spotlight on these alarmists and their claims.
    Surely one day the truth will have to come out. Even the tax-filching ABC cannot hold back the tide forever.

  3. Even the new Adam Hills on Gordon Street show last night suffered – of all the things to launch a new comedy and variety show, having Simon McKeon come on and sprout about natural disasters, climate change and fossil fuel usage was just so gratuitous, and so ABC.
    It’s a pity, because I was enjoying the show right up to then…

  4. Can I have my 8 cents back, please?
    (With inflation – it’s now 14c. Small wonder)

  5. Yes, but what was the ratings? I for one was watching a recorded episode of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ where Gordon was busy informing a wannabe restauranter to stop waffling and BS ing and just do what needed to be done.

    Then I thought it would be wonderful if he got appointed as environmental minister in the UK. Now there’s a TV show I would definitely watch ‘Climate Department Nightmares : Gordon Ramsay deals with dithering greenies’

  6. A comprehensive construct to “skewer the clueless” as The Daily Bayonet puts it. Well done. Complete with pertinent links to boot.

    Well, we all know Tony’s history on climate.

    As a fervent feeder of and off Tim Flannery, he will be cock-a-hoop with Gillard’s new chair of the Climate Commision.

  7. Until the opposition and business, that will be affected, get some balls and call this BS out then we deserve everything we get.
    The campaign last year by the miners over the mining tax shows what can be done if you try.

  8. I guess no one last night bothered to raise Trenberths missing heat.


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