Joke of the Week: Flannery appointed Climate Commissioner

Official government alarmist

Seriously, this is no joke. It’s a savage indictment of our government’s blinkered attitude to climate change:

ENVIRONMENTALIST and former Australian of the Year Tim Flannery has been appointed to a newly-created position as Australia’s climate commissioner.

The well-known global warming activist will chair a panel of six other experts, including scientists and economists.

The commission will work independently of government to advance awareness of climate change issues in the community.

The body was a Labor climate change election commitment, but was overshadowed by the now aborted citizen’s assembly plan. (source)

Seriously, this is a total joke. Andrew Bolt exposes the total, utter idiocy of this appointment here.


  1. Rossano Damiani via Facebook says:

    and as a not insignificant side note, if anyone is wondering what real credentials flannery has a climate expert, the answer is…none. flannery is a trained vertebrate palaeontologist, as am i. one would think that such a position should demand someone with genuine training in climate science, but alas…

  2. “Its role is to build community consensus for a carbon price in place of citizen’s assembly”

    Sounds a lot like: “its role is to gather up names of those who agree to a carbon price, thus creating the false impression that it is the consensus”. Much like the IPCC reports are a collection of propaganda based on the premise of AGW, rather than analysing actual science in order to determine policy recommendations.

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    Give this man a Nobel Prize.

    He needs to be able to stand tall amongst the ranks of the other prestigious recipients such as Gore and Pachauri.

  4. I blame not enough spending on mental health.
    Maybe we could call it the mass delusion commission.
    The thing that gets me is the opposition is not attacking on this.

  5. Andre Lewis says:

    I had thought nothing the politically connected climate change loonies could arrange was able to top Ross Garnaut, an economist, being given a publicly funded platform to spout nonsense connecting recent weather to anthropomorphic climate change. Unfortunately they have gone one better now that the Gillard government has appointed Tim Flannery as ‘Climate Change Commissioner’. This clown, a mammologist, has ben completely wrong in every prediction he has made to date about climate change impacts on Australia.
    Thanks to his over-the-top advice about never-ending drought State governments have built incredibly expensive water re-cycling and desalination plants that will be rusted and useless if or when they are ever called upon. But no need for dams because they were just going to dry up weren’t they?
    How can this destructive nonsense be stopped?

  6. If you haven’t seen updates on Bolt’s blog, go take a look. Cracker pic of the Flop. Seems to be growing that Brain! Will it drop on the Commission’s watch? Wouldn’t that be a clincher for the scammers?

  7. Comments at the Australian article are overwhelmingly negative. I can’t see this working out well for the Government. The propaganda committee has been ridiculed in it’s various guises ever since Gillard floated the idea.

    They’ll never get a massive new tax through a lower house with a one seat supply majority and an upper house with a group of green senators hell bent on economic destruction. Remember Oakeshot and Windsor haven’t publicly stated they’ll vote for any climate tax, although they have indicated they want to ‘act on climate change’, whatever that means.

    Every time I hear Flannery mentioned I just quote that he stated Brisbane’s dams would never re-fill due to long term drought caused by global warming. He’s also got major conflict of interest problems with his failing GeoDynamics company. The guy has zero credibility left.

    The whole idea is a farce and I wonder if Gillard actually wants it to fail, hence the independence, keeping it arms length from her Government. She probably wants to see the back of climate change as an issue (certianly didn’t mention it much in the election campaign) and has handed it off to Flannery and co for it to die a public death at the hands of someone not in the Labor party. Then when the Labor party faithful wails, she can point and say ‘it’s all those other heathens that don’t want it, nothing I can do’.

    • “The whole idea is a farce and I wonder if Gillard actually wants it to fail”

      I suspect you’re right. Like a lot of people, I have wondered for some time whether Flannery is a fool or a liar. This latest exercise should resolve the question to everyone’s satisfaction. I can’t think of a better person to head up ths fool’s errand.

      • The more I think about this the more convinced I am. It’s not like Labor is a stranger to polling and focus groups – I’m sure they’ve discovered that support for ‘action’ drops as soon as you leave inner city suburbs. To win elections you need broad support for issues, not a couple of gung-ho electorates. The way they handled the boat-people issue last election was a result of careful polling planning and plotting and they scraped through because of it. I just can’t see how they would ignore public opinion on this issue and blindly push forwards when they have shown no compunction in dropping anything else that looks slightly difficult to implement.

        I’m starting to convince myself that Gillard wants climate change legislation to linger in committee no-mans land. Someone should produce a compelling argument to snap me out of it lest I get complacent and wake up with even more taxes.

      • The Loaded Dog says:

        “The whole idea is a farce and I wonder if Gillard actually wants it to fail”

        Well folk, Flannery is doing his bit to add “credibility” and “hold it together”.

        From the ABC this morning:-

        “Flannery insists climate body is independent”

        I was going to add a humerous punchline – but there was no need.

        The headline speaks for itself.

        • Well to be fair to Flannery, it probably is independent of the government, as in, ring-fenced, arms-length, one-way valve – independent. As in – let’s make sure we can claim victory if it turns out that way, but let’s also make sure we can wash our hands of this mess if it goes bad. This would be the design so that when the commission inevitably flames out and is ridiculed, the stench of failure should stay largely away from the government. ‘We tried’ – that will be what they say when this propaganda committee fails to turn a single opinion in the public but Labor cannot bring itself to walk away from climate change legislation and leak even more left votes to the Greens.

          The reality is quite simple : make the next election a nationwide poll on a carbon tax. Go to the polls and tell the people you want to put in a carbon tax. You either get in and claim a mandate or you don’t. Worked for Howard and the GST, failed for Hewson and the GST. Can you imagine if John Howard had created an ‘independent’ committee of GST experts to try and convince the public that a GST was necessary? The jokes and laughter would have been merciless.

          The current shenanigans over the relatively electorally-benign flood levy are just a prelude to the all-out war that will erupt if a climate tax bill is put up. There’s no way it will get past the lower house in any workable state, and it’s as likely as anything to trigger another election. Bring it on, I say, and let’s vote for this thing once and for all.

        • The Loaded Dog says:
    • Laurie Williams says:

      That is exactly what I suspected that Gillard & Co were thinking several months ago. Then I saw her announcement of her biased committee and thought maybe I had got it wrong, and said so in this forum. Now I’m thinking again that my original reading of her ploy was correct, and that she is more wily than most people realise. Gutless and dishonest too, of course, otherwise she wouldn’t feel the need for the policy lies and the sham of a climate committee that she knows is rubbish for a topic that she knows is rubbish. But then if she were not gutless and dishonest then socialist politics would not be for her.

  8. I’ve been reading a blog by a climate hysteric who, it goes without saying, is an anti-Israel adherent of Karl Marx. I kn ow, I know — just like the Sydney Morning Herald and ABC newsroom.

    Anyway, the author has received a note from Tony Kevin, who tried to break into the warming racket with a book that didn’t sell and now laments that the climate change community isn’t fair and guys like Flannery get all the money and attention.

    QUOTE: “Climate change advocacy is a crowded field, Most established people are too busy pushing their own organisations’ barrows to be interested in what a newbie might have to contribute. In all kinds of ways, Crunch Time was patronised and sidelined. Not a pleasant experience for a writer. Which makes your essay all the more appreciated by me”

    The blog is here if anyone wants a good laugh: [don’t want to give them any traffic. Google it if you want to find it – Ed]

  9. Flim Flammery…it just goes from bad to worse.

  10. Pop quiz. Who are we to believe on this issue?

    “Your” ABC?

    “The Government agreed to set up the commission, made up of climate experts, after dumping its election promise of a citizens’ assembly.”

    or Andy Pitman.

    “Flannery is not a climate expert.”

    Gonna have to go with Andy on this one. But it begs the question. Why appoint a non-expert to an “expert panel”?

  11. If 89% of readers of The Age give the finger to a carbon tax, what would rational people think of it?


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