Ju-liar Gillard

Alan Jones

Listen to Alan Jones eviscerate Gillard, and listen to Gillard’s arrogant bluster, full of contempt for the Australian electorate, and not an apology in sight for this disgraceful broken promise.

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  1. Her nose is sure going to grow now, bit like the wooden puppet. Bob Brown is sure pulling the strings of the puppet. I thought Kevin Rudd would cap on like a robot, she is making him look good now.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    When you’ve finished listening to it folk; have a read of this from an incensed Barry Cassidy over at their ABC.


    The funniest part was his question reproduced below:-

    Alan Jones’ website today was running a poll : Do you want a carbon tax? It was running at 98.7% against. Do you think that represents a cross section of the country?

    98.7 percent. Really? Have a read of the comments section under the below ABC piece and ask yourself the same question Barry.


    You may also like to ask yourself how many of the comments were edited out?


    You have NO right to lecture anyone on what a representative cross section of the community should look like thank you Mr Cassidy…

    • Laurie Williams says:

      Barry Cassidy – ah yes, Bob Hawke’s press secretary. Another fine example of the arrogance of those who conveniently neglect to mention the nonexistent basis for the scam and simply continue to push it on the gullible public for the real cause behind it.

      • is this blog- site run out of piers akerman’s little stall down at the murdoch press stable

        • Yeah, that’s right, and I’m funded by Big Oil as well. Typical warmist comment: smears with no substance. Go away.

        • Can’t refute the argument, so attack the messenger. Standard MO for the loony left.

          Maybe it’s their divorce from reality that makes them incapable of understanding the anger at Ms Liar lying directly to the Australian public, in order to get into power and force a policy on the country that she knows the majority do not want.

  3. “Alan, stop interrupting me while I’m interrupting you!” Boy, she really is afraid of letting him get a word in edgewise, isn’t she?! Two faced liar.

    Every time I hear her speak on this issue, it sounds more and more like she knows she’s been caught in a bare-faced lie, in order to secure her position of power.

    Boy it would be nice for her to shut the hell up for a minute and let anyone else get a word in.

    “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.” Who is leading this government now, and how do we, the Australian people, get some justice, with a bought-and-paid-for government and Governor General?

  4. I have heard that Tony Abbot has been asked a couple of times if he would repeal the tax if he got in and he apparently has not said he would.Has anybody else heard him say he would.?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Our “well balanced” Aunty is desperately trying to make an issue out of this by deploying her finest diversionary tactics to give us a “representative cross section” of the communities attitude to this as follows:-

      Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has refused to say if he would repeal the Government’s carbon tax legislation if it was implemented before the next election.

      Abbott deals with it rightly below:-

      Speaking on talkback radio Mr Abbott avoided the question several times before telling host Chris Smith he could not say anything until he had spoken with his shadow cabinet.

      “Because I haven’t had a shadow cabinet meeting yet, the announcement was made yesterday, the revolt started a minute after the announcement was made, and that’s what I’m doing,” he said.


      Damn. Opportunity lost to exploit “division in Coalition ranks” or “Abbott shoots off mouth independant of party” angle…

      • Heard Greg Hunt on Lateline rambling on about how they would tackle carbon pollution.That is not what I want to hear.I want to hear them say it is a load of crap but it would seem they are not going to take that approach.Either the opposition has polling that says to take that approach would be suicide or they believe we need to tackle carbon pollution as well.

  5. “Orstayans want a proice on carbon.”

    What “ostrayans” would that be Juliar? Would that be the 91% polled on the news.com.au site and other similar figures elsewhere?

    What a nasty piece of work that woman is. Jones showed great restraint for not yelling at her to shut the hell up!

  6. SUSAN COLVIN says:

    Thank God for Alan Jones, what would we do without him.

    Taking the lying Juliar Gillard to task. Gillard lied again tonight on SBS NEWS,
    she said that Assange had been treated just like any other Australian, when in fact she villified him publicly and world wide, What Australian PM has ever
    villified an innocent Australian in trouble overseas. Has she pulled some strings with her commie mates in the UK to have him extradited, one wonders quite frankly

  7. She is completely and utter delusional:

    “people voted for this” … “I don’t want to risk jobs”

    What a head case!

  8. In an attempt to find somewhere to vent my rage, I have stumbled onto your wonderful website. Thank you!! I’ll be back.

  9. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    At last… the “new Julia” reveals itself to Australia…

    … and it’s not a pretty sight!

    She reckoned 2011 will be a year of decisions. Well, if this is anything to go by, Australia is in for a very costly future!

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      She reckoned 2011 will be a year of decisions.

      She’s right for once.

      It’s the year of stupid decisions….

  10. Laurie Williams says:

    Gillard is corrupt beyond anything else I can remember seeing in Australian federal politics. She just doesn’t let up. But this interview is not all good news though. Jones never challenged her repeated reference to the hoax of “carbon (dioxide) pollution” or her ridiculous statement that Australians believe in climate change, rather than that they believe that it’s man made and a problem, when it’s neither. He gave the impression that he agrees with the idiotic notion of “tackling climate change”. Gillard’s point that she has not broken her promise of no carbon tax by implementing a carbon pricing scheme is technically correct, and he took several blasts of that to acknowledge that it’s so. That didn’t help. She delivers her corrupt message strongly and in a way that on the surface seems almost logical and fair, but Jones’s many whimpering attempts to regain control of the discussion, and his mutterings in the back ground, seemed very weak by comparison. In any argument I never regard the person who seems strongest and smoothest as having won, but if I did I would have judged her the clear winner of this one. Jones of course is basically right and therefore to my mind easily won the argument, but he could have done far better on this one.

  11. [snip]

  12. i wonder of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (gillard et al) will have a nice job after politics, like on the board of “what to do with all the money we skimmed from the asutralian public(or climate change cash)” im sure there will be lots of meeting , nationally and internationally.

  13. Sack the lying beARCH ! Enough is enough & we didn’t vote for you JooLIAR !
    You are the queen of lies and spin!

  14. She’s Green, she’s mean, she’s a lying machine!

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