Ju-liar the Puppet

Bill Leak in The Australian sums it up perfectly:


Further coverage from the Oz:

This policy backflip could make or break Labor – let’s hope with all our hearts that it breaks the lying bunch of shysters once and for all.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:


    Curse her, her government and the independents who put her there.

  2. This accusation that our Prime Minister is a liar is appalling, and false. She may have made a slight readjustment in her stated position on how best to deal with the huge threat that is catastrophic climate change. But it could never truly be called a lie. And it certainly was necessary. Because of it, the planet now has a chance. One day you will thank her for it, I’m sure.

    • I guess if you love Gillard, you’ll say anything to defend the indefensible. And please tell me exactly what an Australian carbon tax will do for the climate? (Don’t bother, I already know the answer – NOTHING).

      • Simon,
        Follow his link – read his blog – then you will realise that you are wasting your breath responding.

        • Christian J says:

          Just another left wing loony wallowing in AGW ignorance and a confessing victim-hood feminist sympathiser. How screwed can one life be ?

    • “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead.”

      The only way that her announcement this week is not a lie, is if she is admitting that she no longer leads the government. Wouldn’t surprise many of us to learn that Bob Brown is running the show, and that the ALP have sold themselves to him to stay in power just a bit longer.

      This tax will do nothing whatsoever to save the planet, and if you truly believe that the planet is under the ‘huge threat that is catastrophic climate change’, then by all means, you can pay as much as you like, but when you intend to invade our pockets for the last scraps of loose change, you better have a more compelling reason than “Julia says”.

      Hell will freeze over before I will thank Julia for imposing this penalty on the entire Australian population (and no doubt if hell does freeze over, that’ll be blamed on Climate Change too!).

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      A LIAR is someone who is not truthfull – Gillard did not tell the truth – therefore Gillard is a LIAR.


      What part of this don’t you comprehend?

    • My friend you are entitled to your opinion but anyway you slice it she is still a liar any day of the week,you are delusional!

      • Yep, just as Howard was a liar (the “never-ever GST”, the core and non-core promises, and so on).

        • That would have been such a good point, but… Howard went to an election on the GST, just as Gillard should (but won’t). Oops.

  3. one day the world will look back at the lineup of gillard, milne and brown and laugh about how silly they were in 2011.
    but its not the worst thing, the world will also look back at how disgustingly lazy the australian public is for consistently doing nothing and allowing this tax to go through. every other country in the world would stop their government.

  4. Spot on James, The people of Australia have to grow some balls and stand up for themselves.
    They call this the lucky country, i don’t know whats so lucky about skyrocketing house, utilities and food prices. All this grubby carbon tax will do is make it worse. When we are all forced out of work and our homes because of this crap tax and any other tax they dream up then what.
    The longer we sit on our hands and do stuff all the harder it’s gonna be to do anything at all.

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