Combet: "change your bulbs to beat the carbon tax"

Arrogant disregard

Just how out of touch can a minister be? Is this a serious statement, showing his appalling lack of judgement, or a sick joke, showing his astonishing bad taste? Can’t tell. Whichever it is, it demonstrates how little Greg Combet, the Marie Antoinette of Labor (“Let them eat cake“), understands about the effect of a carbon tax on the people of Australia, and comments like this will simply stoke the fire even more:

Asked to name the top five things people could do to beat the carbon tax, Mr Combet said it was best to reduce energy consumption.

“And the main way to do that is by saving energy, to turn things off at the wall,” he said. [Because turning your TV off at the wall will save roughly the square root of bugger all, hardly enough to scratch the paint off the $300 annual increase – Ed]

“Maybe think about how often you use the airconditioner. Using a cheaper-to-run hot water system. Changing the light bulbs. Have you got insulation?” (source)

So Australians are now expected to fork out even more money for a new hot water system, toxic compact fluorescent bulbs (at $10 each) and insulation for their homes? [They could always set up a government scheme to install insulation… no, wait, they tried that and it burned down homes and killed people – Ed] And this at a time when they already can’t afford to feed their families, fill up their cars or heat their homes? Seriously, you haven’t a clue, have you?



  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Hey Greg, do you want us to switch our brains off at the wall too?

    Is that the pinko way?

    • Did you watch Combet on Insiders? I defy anyone to understand what that rambling nonsense was all about, and I’m actively interested in the topic.

      The current theme appears to be they are going to be paying lower income people to leave the lights on, or something. That’s bound to strike fear into the electricity producers – I’m sure the board is quaking in fear knowing the government is about to give their customers more money to spend after the generators pass on the cost of the tax.

      • The Loaded Dog says:

        I defy anyone to understand what that rambling nonsense was all about

        I had NO idea what he was on about – and I’m certain he has no idea either. I think they’re desperately trying to make it sound like they have a clue.

        The current theme appears to be they are going to be paying lower income people to leave the lights on, or something

        Makes sense – coming from a bunch of pinko’s. You know – “leveling the playing field” and all. Yes, get rid of the middle class so w’ere ALL dependent on the government.

        Not sure how the HELL they think taking money from low income earners in tax then giving it back in assistance is going to reduce power consumtion. (oh sorry, they can switch their tv’s off at the wall and use fluoro bulbs of course – because they’re told too)

        Why don’t we all become totally dependent on the “gumbent” and just go on the dole?

        It’d be much simpler…

  2. It looks like you all have the same kind of idiots at the head as we do in the US. Where do they come up with this?!?!

  3. Preparing for Poverty says:

    Don’t worry – poor people will be compensated. And the rest of us will soon be poor people as the last remaining competitive advantage we have is stripped away

    We can all huddle around the warm inner glow of the greens and govt pensioned class as we go bust

  4. They are their own worst enemy.

    New policies are like new release films. The first weekend boxoffice takings and critical reviews are crucial for the film to catch on and succeed.

    The first newspaper editorials and public opinions are crucial for a policy to catch on and be supported.

    The Carbon Tax is doomed – the first lot of PR releases and justifications and explanations were rightly rejected. So now they are coming round with a second lot of explanations ‘oh, we didn’t really lie’ and ‘you’ll be able to avoid it by buying different lightbulbs’.

    Like the Mining Tax before it, the Carbon Tax is a dead policy walking. Amusingly some in the media and the Labor party think it’s just a case of getting the message right, and are tinkering with it. But just like a movie producer with an expensive flop on their hands, no amount of repositioning and new advertising will polish the turd and get the public to swallow it.

    Having said that, it’s up to use to keep driving the nails in the coffin as the Labor party have given themselves a long lead time to try and get public apathy to set in. I don’t think GIllard will fold as quickly as Rudd, because they have doubled down on the table and don’t want to walk away.

  5. I guess this kind of smart-arsed commentary amuses you. I don’t think you’re about to change the reality of climate change and the international effort to deal with it with the level of self-congratulatory nonsense published here.
    – No, I won’t mind if you don’t publish this – I found your website by accident, but I shall leave it quite deliberately, and permanently. There are some real sceptical websites that occasionally have something interesting to say, but this isn’t one of them,

    • Thanks for the comment – typical warmist rant. No substance of course, just blind faith.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I guess this kind of smart-arsed commentary amuses you.

      Err, yes…..yes it does.

      Don’t you advocate laughing at FOOLS?

    • “the reality of climate change and the international effort to deal with it ”

      Wow, is there any oxygen in your anus or are you just happy to be a moron. The carbon ponzi scheme is exposed, the trading in Chicago is dead and the rest of the U.S. at the stake(metaphorically speaking that is…). It is over, you lose(the science isn’t settled).

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Oh, and Watson…..thanks for dropping by!

      The thought of knowing you’re incensed has warmed the cockles of my heart…

      Now you have a rough idea how the majority of Australians feel at present.

    • Please wise one enlighten us retards as to the reality of the climate and its change,and as to the perfect temp and amount of CO2 in the atmosphere so as we can do away with this necessary tribute to who and for what in the shortest possible time.Oh and by the way see if you could also by accident grow or find a brain,it will make your life much more enjoyable.

    • Dave Johnson says:

      I bet Watson did come back to the site, if only to see if the comment was posted.

    • Hey Watson – if you do decide to come back for a visit – just let us know which international effort you’re referring to, can you?

      Would that be the 10 9 US states with taxation? Or the closed Chicago climate exchange. Perhaps you’re referring to the legislation in Congress to defund both the EPA and the IPCC? Or the suspended EU trading system? Or would that be chuckle China’s clean energy industry?

      Get it straight – there is no international effort going on. There are some junket conferences and some paper pushing and a lot of Pina Coladas. The Kyoto protocol ends next year and there is no replacement, and no prospect of one being drawn up. The international effort is dead – all that is left is a couple of national governments bravely trying to fiddle around the edges to make token efforts.

  6. Spending less on power means the government collects less in carbon tax, so it either defeats the purpose or they’ll have to raise the tax to compensate.


  7. As I understand it, “let them eat cake” was actually a good suggestion.

    The price of bread had been put out of the reach of normal people by regulation and taxes, but cake wasn’t.

    (And people reckon Abbott got the rough end of the pineapple over “Shit happens”.)

    • Interesting analogy – but the problem wasn’t taxation (per se) – the problem was that France had an extremely harsh winter in 1788-89, which led to food shortages and starvation. This is one of the early examples of climate “refugees” – the French were revolting then because they were starving (not sure what their contemporary excuse is, BTW).

      They say history has a habit of repeating itself.

  8. How delusional can one person or one government be?
    I notice it’s all about the things that “you” can do.
    – “You” can use those expensive, mercury-filled CFLs
    – “You” can turn your TV off at the wall (or get rid of it)
    – “You” can use the air conditioner less (or get rid of it)
    – “You” can beat your washing with a stone … and so on.

    London to a brick Greg Cobet, Julia Gillard, or any of the other Climate Fools won’t be engaging in this sort of enjoyment-of-life-limiting activity any time soon.

    Julia Gillard – “Moving Forward to a Pre-Industrial Australia!”

  9. Greg Combet wants to punish the big polluters. Now who are they Greg. The big electricity producers you say.So who buys the electricity they produce.The people you say.
    So you are going to tax the electricity producers and give the money to the people to pay for their electricity bills.Sounds like a plan.

    • “ pay for their electricity bills..”

      No — read the original news item: “Have you got insulation?”

      See any pattern emerging here?

  10. Laurie Williams says:

    Bob Hawke likes him. Must be something in that. Perhaps something about as positive as a Lib pollie being praised by Fraser.

  11. Bryan Harris says:

    “change your bulbs to beat the carbon tax”

    Australia is still catching up on some things already imposed on us in the UK by the insane EU… Using Energy saving light bulbs are now law – normal light bulbs illegal !!

    Why does it seem that a mad contagion is spreading across the world, polluting all in its course, so that even politicians with two brain cells are affected … now its a concerted effort by the political elite to burden us with taxes so we cannot afford to do anything but work, while making basic living, including food, so expensive we can’t afford anything.

    This is all so much more than mere stupidity and incompetence – it’s socialism on the march!

    • Yes, I follow the lunacy of the UK (being an expat Brit), and watch with amazement at some of the nonsense Chris Huhne spouts. Australia clearly isn’t learning any lessons from the mother country.

  12. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    This nonsense is never going to stop.

    It is time these politicians were held accountable in a Court of Law… to provide the evidence on which they base their case for a carbon tax.

    Let them produce the empirical evidence that CO2 emissions from human activity causes catastrophic global warming… the evidence that there has been alarming warming at all in the last decade… the evidence that proves CO2 actually drives temperature… the evidence that CO2 is a pollutant… etc.

    And let us see them justify a carbon tax by explaining why they are taxing carbon when the central issue of their case relates to carbon dioxide.

    But more importantly, let them justify how the 3% of CO2 emitted by global human activity can be so very dangerous to planet earth, that it needs to be taxed to save the planet, while the overwhelming 97% of CO2 entering the atmosphere each year from nature (source IPCC) is not dangerous at all!

    • Bryan Harris says:

      Agree these people should be held accountable … trouble is applying logic, as anybody with 2 cents of sense would do, doesn’t work with these alarmists – they’ve already devoted all the brain cells they can to this subject and aren’t about to use up more with justifications. Anyway, somebody with 1.5 brain cells told them so… and they always believe fellow idiots.

  13. Graham Richards says:



  14. Should not be hard to get rid of Gi-liard shes been charged with misprision of treason in Victoria.She probably just wants it to just go away but it wont,EVER.The only problem is the gutless lame stream media wont report it,oh and what about the bullshit oath she took when sworn in,where did that come from.They couldnt gives a rats about us,useless feeders thats all we are to them.

  15. Confusious says:

    Just a bit of extra info for that brain dead socialist and his Brown Green Boss. New fluorescent globes, just as the fluorescent tubes, contain radioactive florescent material. So soon we will have to deal with mildly radioactive rubbish dumps right across the country.
    How wonderful.

  16. Les Kovari says:

    Why call it carbon tax? A much more appropriate name would be “Labour Government Extortion Levy”, that way they could score one point for honesty.

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