ACM Comment: Australia is run by the Greens

Prior to the last Federal election, Julia Gillard said:

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

Just to remind yourselves, here it is on YouTube:

Let’s also remind ourselves what Wayne Swan said on the subject:

HARTCHER: Mr Swan, Julia Gillard has committed the Labor Party to applying a price to carbon, so it is not a question of if, but when.  Can you tell us exactly when Labor will apply a price to carbon?

TREASURER: Well, certainly what we rejected is this hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax from the Liberals in their advertising.  We reject that. (source)

Both of those statements are unequivocal. However, at the nauseating photo shoot soon after last August’s election, when Julia Gillard and Bob Brown signed their grubby deal, it was clear who would really be leading the government. And so technically, Julia didn’t tell a lie when she announced her carbon tax this week. She doesn’t lead the government. She has sacrificed all her power to the Greens, and by doing so, must submit to their extremist, anti-human, Marxist environmental agenda that puts the nonsensical notion of “saving the planet” above everything, and more especially, everyone.

The Greens don’t care that you won’t be able to pay your electricity bill. Use less. The Greens don’t care if you can’t heat your home in winter. Wear more jumpers. The Greens don’t care if you can’t afford to drive your kids to school. Walk or take the bus, you evil planet-destroying capitalist. The Greens don’t care that you can’t afford to feed your family. Tough – knit your own yogurt instead.

And now we have the ultimate pointless environmental gesture, a carbon tax for an economy that generates less than 1.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. What effect will a carbon tax have on climate? None whatsoever. What effect will a carbon tax have on the economy? Too many to list. It will raise the price of everything. Cost: substantial, benefit: zero. But who cares about cost/benefit analyses when we’re “saving the planet”? We have to appease the Greens to stay in power, thinks Julia, so we’d better do whatever they say, because staying in power is more important than doing the right thing for Australia.

Then, of course, there is the ludicrous suggestion that other countries will somehow “follow Australia’s lead”. Yeah, right! Anyone who believes that China and India will look to plucky little Australia and suddenly abandon all their plans for economic growth and start self-flagellating like us is pathologically delusional.

So Australia is the only country on earth where the Greens are in charge, thanks to two idiotic independent MPs, Tony Windsor and “giggling imbecile” Rob Oakeshott, who turned their backs on the wishes of their electorates by cynically siding with the Labor/Green alliance back in August.

If Ju-liar had an ounce of dignity or respect for the Australian electorate, she would call an election on Monday and let the people decide whether they support her volte-face or not. But she won’t. She’s too arrogant, desperately clinging on to power by sucking up to the Greens rather than standing by her principles – that’s assuming she has some, of course, which I very much doubt.

The only glimmer of hope is that the actions of the last 48 hours will so incense the Australian public that the forthcoming tidal wave of public outrage will finish Gillard and her disgraceful government once and for all, just like the ETS finished Rudd.

So make your voices heard. Write to your MPs. Turn out for protest marches. Show the government that it cannot simply steam-roller the Australian people. Let’s get this pointless and inequitable tax consigned to the dustbin of history.


  1. Simon, petition at:
    There is a comment field – in there I put “vote against, or demand an early election to request a mandate. I prefe the latter”

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    And so technically, Julia didn’t tell a lie when she announced her carbon tax this week. She doesn’t lead the government.

    No….until she tells the Australian people someone else is “leading” the country she remains rightly accused of being a LIAR.

    A LIE “slightly adjusted” is still a LIE.

    Regardless of the protests of that clown Derek Sapphire in your last post.

  3. It is up to the opposition with our support to fight this.The only way this will get changed before 2012 is if the government approval rating ends up in the toilet and the only ones left to shine a light are the opposition maybe The Australian all the rest will back Gillard unless she becomes toxic.And it’s about time the Greens were put under the spotlight after all Milne said it was their policy

  4. I bet this minging moose doesnt even know the difference between carbon & CO2, or is she implying she is going to tax diamonds?(oh those nasty polluting carbon gemstones!) how can she tax something that isnt carbon with a carbon tax such as CO2?, just shows how bl**dy stupid the whole thing is along with the yogurt knitting greens that advise inept & feckless politicians to deploy such a blatant con.

  5. “So Australia is the only country on earth where the Greens are in charge”

    Hmmm … interesting concept — maybe in one of those “the lunatics are in charge of the asylum” kind of way?


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