Gillard and Swan wanted to abandon ETS

Which is worse?

That would be the same Gillard and Swan who are now trying to railroad through a carbon tax in breach of an explicit pre-election promise not to. To discover this fact, all The Australian had to do was check its news archive:

Speaking on the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night, Mr Rudd, now Foreign Minister, said he had made the wrong call to abandon his ETS plan.

He said there were people in the party who wanted to kill off the idea, and others who advocated delay.

“I tried to find a way up the middle of all that, preserve the unity of the government,” Mr Rudd said. “On balance, it was the wrong call. We should have simply tried to sail straight ahead.”

Mr Rudd did not specifically suggest Julia Gillard, as Mr Rudd’s deputy, had lobbied heavily for the switch.

However, the caucus minutes, reported in The Australian last November, reveal a different story.

“I wish to place on record here that Lindsay Tanner and Penny Wong strongly argued to me against taking that position. Equally strong was the advice from Wayne and Julia that the emissions trading scheme had to be abandoned,” Mr Rudd said at the time. (source)

Julia is a fake, changing her tune to fit the prevailing mood (or the wishes of the Greens).


  1. Graham Richards says:

    Have a look at this link;

    All the lies told in the CO2 scam test run are now surfacing!

  2. For a short film on Julia and her Magic Pudding Carbon Tax –

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    Julia is a fake, changing her tune to fit the prevailing mood (or the wishes of the Greens).

    I see, think I’m starting to grasp this…..the REAL Julia is actually the fake Julia, she’s not wooden because she’s teary, she’s not like the extremist greens, but is in government with them and is moving forward to the year of decisions while stopping the boats with loads of compassion…

    Did I miss something?

    Oh, the BER of course, but I think that was a good Julia that had lost her way.

    Well she’s found her way now has been transformed into the determined Julia, determined to do the right thing for Australia and she’s right on track.

    • Did I miss something?

      No, TLD – what you see is what you get. There is only one Julia.
      Behold – the Hollow Woman – the woman who believes in nothing and stands for nothing. You might find this interesting reading to gain some insight into the family background:

      She is the woman who, if she believes in anything at all, only believes in power for its own sake. The one who pushed Kevin Rudd under a bus to climb over him to the top – and is quite happy to dissemble about it now. And because she believes in nothing, she doesn’t see any problem in changing her stance according to the circumstances on the day. Worse than Rudd, though not as dangerous. Much, much worse than Whitlam.

  4. Baldrick says:

    The entire Labor Party, both Federal and State, are a complete farce.

    They’ve failed to deliver on ‘fuel watch’, ‘grocery watch’, Building Education Revolution, Illegal Immigrants, East Timor processing centre, Cash for Clunkers, Murray-Darling water reform, Hospital reforms, Mining Tax, Disaster Relief payments, home insulation and now we have the best of them all – taxing oxygen – in the form of a Carbon Dioxide Tax.

    The sooner Rudd, Gillard, Swan, Combet, Brown and the rest of these imbeciles are voted out, the sooner this country can get back on its feet again.

  5. Just wondering when our gutless Media will grow a backbone and report un-biased.
    Watch them all jump on the bandwagon once the truth is finally exposed!

  6. Tom,

    It appears there are moves afoot to address the imbalance of the gutless journalists and left wing punk lesbians with face jewelry, who stalk the corridors of the ABC.

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