Labor Nightmare: The Return of Rudd?

Horror movie in real life…

Kevin Rudd was in good form on Q & A last night, breaching cabinet confidentiality to reveal that senior Labor figures were against an ETS, and leaving open the possibility (heaven forbid) of another go at the leadership. Another great day for Labor!

THE Coalition has seized on Kevin Rudd’s admission that he got it wrong when he dumped his emissions trading scheme, painting the comments as a job application for a second tilt at the Labor leadership.

The Foreign Minister’s breach of cabinet confidentiality – in which he admitted some senior ministers wanted the ETS permanently killed off – has also been used by the opposition to accuse Labor of hypocrisy over the issue.

Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey said there was “no doubt” Mr Rudd’s comments were an appeal to his backbenchers for another go at the leadership.

“I would suspect Kevin Rudd is applying to be prime minister, there’s no doubt about that, no doubt at all,” he told ABC radio.

Mr Rudd admitted on last night’s Q&A program that shelving his ETS was a costly error.

While admitting his mistake, he said he had resisted the urgings of some cabinet members who had argued for it to be axed completely. Others wanted to stick to the existing timetable.

Deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop, who appeared on the panel with Mr Rudd, said his comments provided an extraordinary insight into divisions within the Labor cabinet.

“He said that last night, that there were some who wanted it dumped for all time. He was clearly indicating that that was Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan,” she told The Australian Online.

“I think he relished the opportunity to set the record straight. That’s what it appeared to me.

“I think that Julia Gillard’s hypocrisy is just too much for him. And he’s outraged by it. That’s what it appeared to me to be, that he was speaking out over her hypocrisy.”

Ms Bishop said Mr Rudd had clearly broken cabinet confidentiality and had “never seen such an open discussion of otherwise confidential deliberations”. (source)

Just when you think it can’t get any worse for Labor. The Return of Rudd – a horror movie in real life.


  1. Cheers for Mr Rudd. Something that Gillard will never have ….honesty, integrity and respect. That poor naive women, she still can’t understand that these qualities just can’t be bought.

    It is just a damn shame that Mr Rudd want’s an ETS.

    • The Loaded Dog says:


      for Rudd?

      Come now Audrey, you’re leaving yourself wide open here!!

    • Baa Humbug says:

      Rudd honesty integrity respect??? Wake up Audrey, you’re having a terrible nightmare lol

      • Yes I understand the hypocrisy in my respect for Mr Rudd. I was one of the stupid idiots that voted for him, (against Howard). I learnt my lesson. That was the one time I voted for Labor and I doubt that I will ever vote Labor ever again. (I am a farmer’s daughter, hence, usually vote Nationals)

        Yes, I know politicians are usually full of sh!t. But even though I may not agree with Rudd’s policies, etc. When he was Prime Minister, Like Howard before him, they had the respect of the nation, irrespective of what party they belong too.

        The day Rudd got axed/stabbed in the back as Prime Minister by Gillard and her Team; the very team that still sits in cabinet today; was the most awful, un-Australian thing. So I admit that I will always have a soft spot for Rudd.

        When I said Cheers, I suppose I was just elated that finally someone within the Labor Party is not going to take this crap anymore. Day after Day, the Gillard_Brown government are trying to feed our nation carefully prepared, highly manipulated, manufactured data (ie bullsh!t for short) with intention to brainwashing us. And if I dare to question it or not agree with it, I am branded an extremist, a denier and not caring for Australia nor its Future.

        Gillard with her lies, demeaning approaches, bullying tactics, has really created a toxic minority government. And the scary thing is that Gillard’s idealistic “Americans Can Do Anything” appreciation of the USA, will also bring the political violence that they have. Lives will be lost, whether it be by suicide because a man can not provide for his family, to make that bank repayment to keep the roof over their head; or just tipping an unstable mind over the edge……..because enough is enough.

        Screw Global Warming, the only thing that is a threat to Australia at this moment in time, is the Australian Labor Party and their Green/Oakshott/Windsor alliance.

        • The Loaded Dog says:

          the only thing that is a threat to Australia at this moment in time, is the Australian Labor Party and their Green/Oakshott/Windsor alliance.

          Yes, the rainbow alliance in pink…

  2. I’m all for it. Bring back Rudd.
    The sooner, the better.
    Go Kev!

  3. Baa Humbug says:

    I respectfully disagree with you ACM.

    this is no longer a horror story but a comedy, so “Revenge of the Nerds” is more apt 🙂

  4. The common theme is that Rudd’s problems were because he dropped the ETS. I think that’s a gross rewriting of history.

    In reality his problems were his complete control over the government and series of policy backflips and changes. The real Rudd was nothing like the Rudd of the prior election campaign. It all started when he got sharp with a bunch of students on Q&A, and started to really fall apart from then on.

    The real thing that drove a stake through his leadership was the absolute debacle of the mining tax.

    People need to remember he campaigned on the ETS as the greatest moral challenge of our time, and put a lot of energy into it. He threatened a double-dissolution election, and did all sorts of grandstanding. Then he just walked away from it.

    It wasn’t the fact that the voters wanted an ETS and were disappointed he dropped it. It was the fact he actually appeared weak and appeared to stand for nothing.

    If Gillard thought the ETS was such a good deal she would have run with it for Aug 2010. Instead we had a promise of a citizens committee and a promise of no carbon tax.

    Still, it’s funny. Yet another political leader to be claimed by trying to tax air. The madness will surely stop at some point. I guess Simon will have to fold the tents on the blog then.

  5. Baldrick says:

    Kevin O’Lemon is nothing more than a full blown narcissist. He was such a failure as a P,M, that even his own party kicked him out of the prime-ministership half way through his FIRST term.

    He’s no worse than Gough Whitlam, who is spoken about in Labor circles with reverence and God like terms, (God knows why!) but Rudd’s still a dud. The sooner he gets his way and gets his sorry arse to a seat on the security council of the U.N. the better we’ll all be.

    Kevin 07? Kevin 11? Sounds good but seriously he must be joking! Kevin O’Lemon sounds better.

    • Kevin o’Lemon is far, far worse than Gough Whitlam ever was.

      In significant ways, they are very opposite personalities. In addition to being a full blown narcissist, he is also a full blown control freak of the highest order. Apparently it was impossible to get even the simplest of decisions made, as he insisted on micro-managing every minute detail.

      Gough was, by all available evidence, the exact opposite. He had a team of misfits that all went off the reservation and did their own thing .. think Rex Connor and the Khemlani affair, Jim Cairns, and the whole sorry lot. More like “One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest” to Ko’L as the “Scarlet Pimpernel”.

      But the other big difference is that Gough knew that he was a towering intellect and a great orator. KoL’s big problem is that he thinks he is the smartest man in the room, and suffers from the “small man syndrome” of constantly feeling the need to prove it – hence taking 100 staffers to Copenhagen to witness his “finest moment”. The trouble is, no one else shares his opinion.

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