Idiotic Comment of the Day: Tim Flannery


I really hate having to give Flannery air time, but when he comes out with such lamentable nonsense, it is impossible not to. His latest announcement reveals his real agenda:

The problem with Richard Lindzen is that his politics is to the right of Andrew Bolt and Genghis Khan.

All I can say is “Keep going Tim.” With every day, your ludicrous statements will rapidly erode away what little credibility you had to start with.

Listen here at about 1:55.


  1. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    We all like a mug of coffee, right? So if we had to set up a “mug of the day” award, a worthy recipient would have to be Tim “The Doom and Gloom Man” Flannery.

    Flannery really must start listening to the absurdities coming out of his mouth.

    Flannery needs to ‘engage brain before opening mouth’!

    And to think that the Gillard government appointed this man to chair the Climate Commission. Unbelievable!!!!

  2. Tim Flannery …..

    – Alarmist of the Year

    – The gift that keeps on giving

    – The Global Warming Nostradamus:
    2005 Sydney dams dry in 2 years – WRONG
    2006 30% of Great Barrier Reef will die within a month – WRONG
    2007 Brisbane will never have dam filing rains again – WRONG
    2007 Murray-Darling river system will never flood again – WRONG
    2007 Australia will need more desalination plants – WRONG
    2008 Adelaide dams dry by 2009 – WRONG
    2010 No more North Pole arctic ice – WRONG

    …. and that’s just the start!

  3. I heard the paleo-data reconstructions on voting patterns of the mongol hordes showed a distinct hockey stick tendency for the support of labour unions and wealth redistribution? That is, after they were adusted for several factors, including not giving the correct answer for the researchers.

    Well, they did form armies and go and rape and pillage everything. He certainly was a statist who was not into individual freedoms, so I’d definitely say more left than right, anyway.

  4. Confusious says:


    Did anybody watch the ABC Young Marxists’ TV channel yesterday with Penny [snip] Wong preaching her Climatic Climax religion?
    As usually hand picked audience lapped up every word [snip]. Would be so funny if it was not so bloody tragic. How did these people managed to get to power….
    Obviously lies, lies combined with massive deception and more lies.

    • It as an interesting watch. Wong (like Juliar and Combet) took advantage of every opportunity to disparage and “verbal” Abbott. This is a good sign – it indicates that they are worried about him. There is a saying in marketing: “If you are fighting on the other person’s strategy, you have already lost.”

      However — the final questioner managed to get a sensible pair of questions in. And she got applause for them …

      KARLY ABRAHAMS: Hi. I’m a scientist. I’m not part of any political group but I think my concerns represent a growing portion of the general scientific community. When you take into account natural sources of carbon dioxide like animal respiration and evaporation of the oceans then fossil fuel burning only makes up four per cent of total global carbon dioxide emissions and Australians make up one per cent of that four per cent. These are going from statistics from the latest IPCC report. If this is the case then Australians only release a total of 0.04 per cent of all emissions and how is there any evidence that a billion dollar carbon tax is going to make any significant difference on the environment? And, secondly, why aren’t Australians getting a vote on this really important issue?

      So — there is some hope.

  5. Laurie Williams says:

    Both Richard Lindzen and Flannery are internally consistent.

    Lindzen’s fair practical opinions on politics match his fair practical opinions on science.

    Similarly, Flannery’s opinions on politics match his opinions on science.

    Flannery does give credit to Lindzen for his scientific work but then dismisses Lindzen for his politics.

    Flannery shallowly evades Garnaut’s lack of credentials by saying that he should be listened to because he has spent a lot of time on these matters. Imagine an alarmist journo letting anyone get away with that in defence of a sceptic.

    In that case Tim you must then also highly regard Lindzen, Lord Monckton, Steve McIntyre, Ian Plimer, Anthony Watts, Jo Nova, Simon Turnill …

    Keep digging, Tim.

  6. rukidding says:

    The man is not an idiot he is bloody dangerous.See Jo’s blog on Bolivia and reflect on what he was babbling on about the other day about Gaia

  7. Lew Skannen says:

    Flannery often wins this one.
    He is a real pro. Streets ahead of his nearest rivals.
    Maybe he should stop entering and give someone else a go.

  8. Confusious says:

    Flannery is most likely hallicunating from all the carbon dioxide inhaled whilst smoking weed…..

  9. nystrom1974 says:

    Carbon a really really horrid toxin?? He is an idiot! He studied fossils at uni and now is THE authority on climate. Richard Lindzen is a TRUE authority in the climate field. Where are all of these cretins going to hide when their fire and brimstone dogma doesn’t happen. The global mean temp anamoly has been flat lining since 1998 and the world has continued to produce increasing levels of CO2. There you have it, your CAGW theory disproved. OH! I forgot. It is now called the more moderate “climate change” No longer catostrophic. No longer man made and no longer warming! It allows the recent record cold weather in Europe to be explained away.Talk about a bet both ways. Again, Flannery, Gillard, Swan et al are idiots!!!

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