A tax to make you richer!

Greg's carbon tax fudges kept crashing Excel…

It’s a miracle! If you’re a “low or middle income” earner, you’ll be better off under a carbon tax, says Greg Combet. It’s just the gift that keeps on giving!

Such is the laughable level to which the government’s rhetoric has sunk, Combet is depserately trying to bribe a section of the Australian population into supporting it. And of course, it’s the rest of us that will be hit hardest. Sounds like a simple redistribution of wealth to me. Take from the rich and give back to the poor – it’s that ‘S-word’ again, isn’t it?

But why do families need compensation anyway? I thought the government told us that the tax would only “hit big polluters” and that they wouldn’t even think of passing on costs to consumers.

And quite how this ties in with changing people’s behaviour to reduce emissions is yet to be announced. If the poorest are compensated, then they are unlikely to consume less energy, and the well-off will just pay more for it.  Gee, Greg, you’ve really worked this through!

THE Federal Government has promised that millions of low and middle income families will be better off financially under its plans for a carbon tax.

More than half the funds raised by the Gillard government’s carbon tax will be used to pay for permanent tax cuts and pension hikes under a plan to be outlined on Wednesday.

In a bid to turn around widespread concern that the tax will hit family budgets, Climate Change Minister Greg Combet pledged that more than two million households will be better off under the related tax and welfare changes.

Compensation for families will be in place permanently, even after the carbon tax is replaced by an emissions trading scheme in three to five years, Mr Combet said.

The pledge comes as Treasury models revealed average family bills could jump $860 a year based on a $30 a tonne carbon tax.

The Government plan has not been signed off on by the multi-party climate change committee including the Greens and independent MPs Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor.

Mr Combet will use a National Press Club speech in Canberra on Wednesday to outline the Government’s plans to win over voters. In an excerpt from his speech, Mr Combet vowed “we will put households first”.

“There will be generous assistance for households to meet costs that may be passed on by the companies that are paying for their pollution,” he said. (source)

Oh, so companies may pass on their costs to consumers now, will they? It’s a different line every week.


  1. Graham Richards says:

    I can’t quite make up my mind whether Combet is a bigger fool than Obama or not. I guess it’s almost equal.
    However both communists will get you into huge financial strife & cripple their
    respective economies.

  2. The internal contradictions are rife.

    2 millions households better off : this means, by definition, 7 million households worse off.

    A tax that big polluters pay – but you need compensation for it.

    If the tax is succesful it will decline in income. Therefore compensation will have to be reduced over time, leaving only the higher costs.

    The tax will bring confidence to business, but we can’t tell them how much it will be, or if their industry will get compensation.

    How about we just get the tax cuts and stop the wasteful spending on climate change programs and renewable energy subsidies?

    The killer blow for this tax is not what it costs in year 1, but what it costs in year 5. Because to do any good it must necessarily increase over time to the point where inelastic energy demand starts to get hurt.

    • Laurie Williams says:

      In a free and therefore capitalist society, 2 million households better off would mean all the others also better off.

      In a corrupt repressive socialist Brown-Gillard-Combet-Flannery-Obama-Gore-Garrett(remember him?)-Stalin society, 2 million households better off would certainly mean all the others worse off, by definition as you say.

      But, in such a society, nowhere near 2 million households would be better off, only the few, those of the leaders and their close associates.

    • John Smith says:

      No No No… 2million households better off, 7million even better off and the fairies at the bottom of the garden get to survive as well.

      You need to forget about all those outdated ideas like economics, physics and biology.

      Now tax makes you richer, heating causes cooling and carbon dioxide is a pollutant.

      When will you deniers understand…. We only have to believe… and we can change the world… I’m defying gravity right now just by believing!!!!

  3. Why is the word ‘pollution’ mentioned when these clowns talk about a carbon tax? They’re misleading the Australian public, as usual, in this debate. What they are taxing is carbon dioxide emissions – NOT carbon itself.

    Carbon is a natural chemical element found in ALL organic compounds, such as the human body – 18%

    Carbon dioxide is a gas made up of carbon and oxygen – 1 part carbon / 2 parts oxygen (both naturally occurring elements).

    Basically, a ‘carbon dioxide tax’ is a tax that you will be paying for 2 parts oxygen/1 part carbon.

    And who said politicians couldn’t come up with a scheme to tax air?

    • Graham Richards says:


      It has been policy of the Fabian Socialist to tax ‘air ‘ for many decades. I have seen a webpage on this in the past but it seems to have miraculously vanished into thin ‘air’.
      Wonder what happened to it.

    • Colin Henderson says:

      The IPCC marketing gurus know that people associate carbon with soot and oxygen with life. So even though CO2 is two thirds oxygen they realize we would never accept an oxygen tax.

  4. Sounds like the Magic Pudding to me.
    Especially after you add on the bureaucratic costs, and giving 10% of the ETS money to the United Nations to help developing countries . . . .

  5. Toscamaster says:

    The more that Combet, Gillard, Brown and Flannery talk without thinking through the longer terms consequences of what they say, the more certain it is that we will be at the polls. Will these people please exercise some respect for the fact that Australians are not mental midgets.

    It’s also time for the Liberals to grasp the nettle and declare what they know; that so-called cliamte science is fraudulent, that their Direct Action policy has no chance of achieving 5% by 2020 and that even if this were possible it would make no difference to earth’s climate.

    The Prime Minister needs to go to the polls ASAP to put us all out our misery.

    • “It’s also time for the Liberals to grasp the nettle and declare what they know;”

      Huston, we have a problem. In case you missed Q&A this week, the Liberals’ spokesman (Greg Hunt) is a Kool-Aid drinker.

  6. The Loaded Dog says:

    Hey nothing to worry about folk. The ABC – at its objective finest – says everything is going to be just fine.

    Millions to be “better off” under carbon tax.

    whew, that’s a relief. MILLIONS are going to be better off…

    Nothing in the whole piece is negative.

    There are even six, (count them) SIX reasons to have a carbon (dioxide) tax.

    “Australia is one of the world’s top 20 polluters and we release more pollution per person than any other country in the developed world – more than the US.

    “Not only is it in our national interest to act, we have a responsibility to do so.

    “To tackle climate change we need to cut our pollution levels, something that many other countries are also doing.”

    “Less than 1,000 companies that are the largest polluters in our economy will be required to purchase a permit for every tonne of pollution they emit. The price of the permit is the carbon price.

    “Households will receive generous assistance to meet costs that may be passed on by the large polluters – pensioners and low and middle-income households will be a priority.

    “Finally, demand for clean energy will grow because it will become cheaper relative to the current cost of burning coal for electricity. A carbon price will provide greater certainty for investors to commit investments in clean energy.”

    Oooooooh thanks for that Greg, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

    My wallet is trembling though…


    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Oh, don’t you just love the picture? A smoke stack with loads or dirty smoke belching out.

      The whole article follows up on the deceit of the photo.

      Half truths and lies from start to finish..

  7. Combet said in his Press Club speech that Industry would respond with the Factories, Universities & Hospitals converting their Coal fired boilers to Gas.
    Can I tell him he is wrong as there was another dilema which didn’t eventuate in the late 70’s called the “Fuel Crisis whereby nearly all of Industry converted their oil fired boilers (which was the main industrial boiler of the time) to Gas. I speak from over 30 years experience in this field and say we did our very large bit towards Climate Change then thank you Mr Combet!!!!!

    • Can you, with your 30 years experience in the field tell us which factories, universities or hospitals burn coal? Not too many around here, but there might be some, or is this just another green lie?

      • Yes well I can answer that by saying how many “coal trucks” and “men carrying heshin bags on their shoulders” do you see walking into boiler houses at hospitals. NONE I would say industry converted to gas and it would be as high as 90% have been there since the late 70’s. There are also very strong pollution requirements on emissions out of chimney stacks that the EPA monitors so the Greens and Combet are dreaming if they think everybody in industry in our country are the so called “BIG POLLUTERS”. Universities have studied pollution for decades and the real work is taking the “nasties” out of the atmosphere and our river systems which nobody objects to so why would they label CO2 pollution? So they can make everybody think on top of the GW argument everybody will think they are going to be overcome with the dreadful diseases that toxic pollution can cause.
        Talk about the mother of all scare campaigns by Combet and the Greens!!!!

  8. Laurie Williams says:

    No surprises here.

    This phrasing gave me a bonus giggle:

    “has not been signed off on”

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Yes, it’s a funny phrase like – “a tax to make you richer” or “death to make you more alive”

      You know, there’s nothing in life more certain than death, taxes….or a politicians ability to spin…

  9. Is this Labor Government out of control?

    Here’s a CO2 guild/rules the Labor/Greens might/could introduce:



    Don’t drive = It produces CO2
    Don’t fly – Only VIP’s on LABOR GOVERNMENT business allowed
    Don’t live/work in ANY building using gas or electricity – They produce 2-5 times the CO2 of a car
    Don’t wear shoes or clothing factory made. Grow Cotton. Make your own clothes
    Quit school – School buildings produce more CO2 in a year then you do in 20 years.
    Don’t use books or paper it kills trees
    Eat meat raw – Using gas or electric produce’s CO2
    Be kind to Gaia/Labor – Kill a Cow, a Pig, an Elephant or anything that breaths, its good for Labor/Greens & there’s less CO2 exhaled
    Don’t use tap water, toilets or wash = less CO2 = Sustainability & no electricity
    Stop exercising – It produces CO2
    Turn off this computer – You hypocrite
    Stop breathing – You exhale carbon dioxide
    Die – Dying younger means you will do LESS of the above. You will save the earth 8.4 tons of CO2 every year you’re not here

    Stop thinking, that’s a good boy, your feeling better already?

    Now go and Vote Labor!

  10. Richer for maybe ONE year, but after that ..

    does anyone really believe that the compensation will keep up with the massive extra costs caused by the tax…. or that the compensation will continue at all !!!

  11. Bryan Harris says:

    What a sham these people are!

    Now they try to bribe people with promises…

    … but we all know what labour promises and pledges are worth don’t we?

    …and given their economic record, they can barely spell 2 million (households) never mind know the maths associated with calculating any monies possibly saved – they’re spitting in the wind and coming up with some fancy numbers to impress everyone.

    However, just because they are such a sham doesn’t mean they won’t be believed – after all labour supporters are so stupid they’d believe the world was flat if the labour PM told them so …and don’t labour supportes mainly fall into that target category of “millions of low and middle income families”.

    The bigger the lie, the easier it is for labour to get away with.

  12. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    How stupid is the Gillard government?

    It doesn’t matter how much the government taxes the “polluters”, the “polluters” will simply pass on the cost to the consumers of energy. That’s business… and it will just be business as usual for the polluters.

    As for how the tax is going to make people better off, believe that one and you’ll believe anything… even that pigs can fly!

    The biggest concern about the carbon tax is that the generous compensation might be great while it lasts but what will happen when the government has to remove the generous compensation for budgetary reasons or some other reason (as it inevitable would)?

    Australia, don’t be fooled. You already have a very good reason why you cannot trust this circus… the Gillard government. It’s this:

    “Under a government I lead, there will be no carbon tax.”

  13. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    So, now it’s a tax to make you rich. That reminds me of another maxim that mocked an oppressed people long ago – arbeit macht frei – work makes one free. But it certainly didn’t make anyone free then anymore than this tax will make you rich now.

  14. Sounds just like the sort of thing the ultra socialistic Fabians would do. Whoops I forgot Gillard is a proud member of that dark club

  15. We can reduce our carbon footprint tomorrow by 10% if all the greenies go and shoot themselves. Problem solved. No carbon tax needed !

  16. “How stupid is the Gillard government?”

    Maybe this will help answer that question:

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    Albert Einstein

  17. There is more stupidity (in government) than hydrogen in the world and it has twice the half-life – Frank Zappa.

    Well said Frank !

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