Combet's "national interest" lie

National interest my a***

At the Press Club this lunchtime, Greg Combet stated, without any hint of irony, that the government was “acting in the national interest” by putting a price on carbon. He’s not the first. Gillard and Wong banged on and on about it in the Rudd era, but it’s such a shocking lie that it needs revisiting.

So Greg, it’s a very simple question:

Please would you explain how putting a unilateral price on carbon [dioxide], which it is agreed will do nothing for the climate whether globally or locally, but will do significant damage our economy relative to our competitors, increase prices for every product and service in Australia, and require a massive bureaucracy to administer the redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, be “in the national interest”?

There isn’t any point in asking this question to his face of course, because any response will be so wrapped up in spin, misrepresentation and pre-rehearsed sound-bites that it will be barely comprehensible.

If anyone can provide an explanation as to how this can possibly be in the national interest, please let me know. I’m dying to hear.


  1. He could at least give a straight answer on the details of cost/benefit analysis that should have been performed for such a plan, eg what difference will the tax make to the climate? And I mean detail, not the usual vague response.

  2. Mark from Sydney's North says:

    It is obscene that these people pursue this at the countries peril. I would even go so far as to say the talk of it is doing damage to our economy. Bring on an early election.

  3. Simple.
    If they put a tax on carbon, it will decimate the economy.
    Wiith no economy, there are no jobs.
    With no jobs there is no tax revenue.
    With no tax revenue, there are no welfare benefits.
    With no welfare handouts, there are no boat people.

    Now – that is definitely in the national interest, wouldn’t you say?

  4. Combet’s speech was 100% spin and dribble.

    There is no pressing need for Australia to embrace a carbon dioxide tax at this stage. Even by their own Climate Change Commissioner’s admission, Tim Foolery said nothing we do now will have any effect for 1,000 years.

    So why is Australia rushing head long into a tax that will fundamentally change our whole economic system? A Government should first have a mandate to introduce something as important as this. Why not wait until the next Federal election in 2013, a mere 2 years.

    The only reason Labor is pushing Australia head-long into economic oblivion is because they have a deal with the Greens, pure and simply. This whole debate is once again being steered more by politics than science.

  5. Confusious says:

    National equals Cobert’s interest equals Left Union gorrilla’s interests………….
    Cetainly not interest of the honest people out there.
    Combet’s does not only look like a piece of male appendage but acts as one too. Guess his brains are also on line with that….

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