ABC bias exposed… yet again

Bias in its genes

Bias is in its genes. It is part of what makes the ABC what it is. A shameless pro-left wing editorial stance is standard fare for national broadcasters it seems – just look at the truly awful BBC. We often report on the ABC’s blatant bias towards climate alarmism (see here for a selection), helped by a staff of science writers who are fully paid up warmists (think Robyn Williams and Bernie Hobbs to name but two).

Now Gavin Atkins takes their gruesome snake pit of lefty thinking, The Drum, to task in The Australian:

The ABC opinion website is not compelled by editorial policies to demonstrate any form of balance but merely to provide a “range of subjects from a diversity of perspectives”.

At The Drum, one conservative opinion is all it requires to legitimise a dozen from the Left.

Take, for example, the death of Osama bin Laden. Since his death, Drum readers have been provided with pretty much the same opinion every day from a total of nine writers: it was an extrajudiciary killing; the US was working outside the rule of law; celebrations of his death were disgraceful.

One of these writers, Greg Barns, went so far as to appear on The Drum’s television show to express doubt that bin Laden was responsible for 9/11.

Two contributors were eventually published wishing good riddance to bad rubbish, enough for the ABC to claim it has provided a diversity of perspectives, and publish another brace of tales from the hand-wringers.

But it is ridiculous to assert, as the ABC’s chief executive Mark Scott did following the launch of the ABC’s editorial policies in 2006, that this fulfils an expectation that “audiences must not be able to reasonably conclude that the ABC has taken an editorial stand on matters of contention and public debate”.

The real measure of bias at The Drum is not the range of opinion, it’s the frequency. Until the end of last month, 98 writers had been published eight or more times at The Drum, producing a total of 1880 articles. Only eight of these contributors (one in 12) would pass muster as being on the right of the political spectrum: Glenn Milne, David Barnett, Chris Berg, Kevin Donnelly, Tom Switzer, John Hewson, Niki Savva and Sinclair Davidson.

Of these, Milne is first and foremost a journalist rather than an opinion writer, Hewson rarely expresses any conservative viewpoint, and others are specialists in areas such as education or economics rather than political issues of the day.

This means, for example, that of all the writers who are given a regular platform on the ABC website, I could find only four articles that were in some way supportive of Israel and none in favour of the war in Afghanistan.

By comparison, there are dozens of anti-Israel and anti-Afghan war pieces on the taxpayer-funded website, most of them accusatory and damning. For example, there are at least nine anti-Israel articles by Antony Loewenstein alone, 12 anti-Afghanistan war rants by Kellie Tranter, and many more from Labor Party speechwriter Bob Ellis scattered among his 110 contributions. (source)

Also check out Gavin’s article on Asian Correspondent for more.

Utterly shameful for a taxpayer funded national broadcaster to be guilty of such blatant pro-Left bias. But one thing is certain, nothing will change in a hurry.


  1. Confusious says:

    What else will one expect from that Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist- Stalinist institution. It is a cesspoll of ultra-left dole bludgers who never contributed constructively to wellbeing of Australia. All they can show is hatred of anything Australians hold close their heart. ABC should be scrutinised for bias and their funds cut until they demonstrate objectivity. So far their objectivity appear to come from Brown Bob’s rectal regions peppered with alliance to alien religions.

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    The ABC is a safe-house for leftists.

    A warm, sanctimonious and comfortable place they can go any time to safeguard themselves from the ever increasing dangers of head pop…

  3. Andy (NZ) says:

    Here is a great video promoting Australian Climate Science (sic)

    [snip – thanks, but not appropriate for this site. Sorry.]

  4. froggy uk says:

    I dont suppose that the ABC have got most of their pension fund wrapped up in the carbon credit (snake oil) business like the yoghurt knitting BBC here in the UK have.

  5. so what about alan jones et al? they may not be publicly funded, but they are still obliged under an industry code to present fair and balanced coverage of issues. and i don’t think even you guys would see their coverage as balanced, would you?

    • The ABC is in a unique position as a taxpayer funded national broadcaster. In a massive ocean of left-wing media, Fairfax, ABC etc, there is the almost invisible island of conservatism that is 2GB. Surely you’re not complaining that is unfair, are you?

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