Labor denies carbon tax ad blitz

Carbon tax advertising

Which means we can expect it to start next week.

THE federal government has rejected Coalition claims it ”squirrelled away” $13.7 million in the budget to fund an advertising campaign to promote its proposed carbon tax.

The budget papers make clear that Labor set aside money for a ”climate change foundation campaign” in this financial year and 2011-12.

But the Finance Minister, Penny Wong, told Parliament yesterday the $13.7 million was not new but rather a ”transfer of already announced funds between years”.

The money was only to be used to increase understanding of climate change, she said. [Let’s hope Penny isn’t writing it – Ed]

”It does not include, on my advice, paid advertising. No decision has been taken by the government on any climate change advertising campaign.”

The Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet, said yesterday the money for 2011-12 would be used for activities such as website development and the printing of information brochures. [That’s OK then – Ed]

The opposition climate action spokesman, Greg Hunt, said the government was preparing to begin a multimillion-dollar advertising blitz. ”It will mean taxpayers paying for carbon tax ads on the TV, radio and newspapers.” (source)

Given Labor’s track record with telling the truth, I think we’d all better be prepared for a bombardment of climate nonsense to prop up the ailing the carbon tax.


  1. Ah, would that they’d deny planning an early election, or deny that Gillard’s and Waylon Smithers Wayne Swan’s days are numbered.

  2. Laurie Williams says:

    Howard’s government was very good at spending money promoting its labour market reregulation scheme and other things, but the big difference was that Howard’s government ran its finances well.

  3. Bring it on, I say. It will provide superb material for satire and derision.

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    There will be no carbon tax ad blitz under the government I lead…

    Jyooolya Gillard. May 2011.

  5. Toscamaster says:

    Labor has figured out that they need corrupt funding of a corrupt ad blitz to promote a corrupt tax based on corrupt science.

    When you start with corrupt science it follows that everything thereafter is corrupt.

    Australian voters are smart enough to know when they are being sold a bunch of rubbish. To its own detriment Labor is grossly underestimating the capacity of voters to make this assesssment.

    The longer Ms Gillard waits to go to the polls the deeper and longer her party will be enmeshed in political oblivion.

    That’s not good because democracy works best when the opposition is capable of calling the government to account.

    The sooner she goes to the polls the better for everybody, including Labor.

    But the trappings of power distract even the most rational of people from seeing and enacting the optimum solution to problems

  6. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    You gotta see this in perspective! After all anyone can see that climate change education is an integral part of the education revolution and clearly the ABC must play it’s part.

    • I’ll let it through this time, as even WUWT has run it – but it has a bad language warning.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I saw that over on Tim Blairs blog. I can’t recall seeing anything more irritating.

      43 seconds of it was all I could stand and my indignation is compounded knowing it was something the ABC shat out.

  7. Sceptic Lank says:

    $13.7 million for printing a few brochures and website development??

    Sounds like there will be some very wealthy website developers around in a few months. Maybe they will include the out of work ex-pink bat installers or perhaps the BER construction people who will be returning soon from their first class world travels.

    I wonder what the brochures will say? Maybe they will show pictures of snow falling in early May in the Victorian and NSW hills.

  8. Confusious says:

    Of course the Wonks, Wanks, Crumpets, Con Roys, Brown Bobs, Williekeys, Cumshotts and other hot air illuminaries in this sad panopticum of Liars will deny everything.
    This must be the most arrogant bunch of Bolsheviks soiling Australian soil! All they can do in their useless and unproductive existence on this planet is to waste hundreds of billions dollars of money they sucked out and continue to suck from hard working Australians. ALP surely must stand for Australian Leeches Party.

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